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As if you found this page... Good job! Well this page contains some poems and stuff that I like to do in my spare time.. Injoy...


I may be crule, and seem hard to handle.

But deep inside the flame of a candle

lights the coaster to my heart

you start to glide on the coaster cart.

every loop on the ride

you feel the pain that I hide.

But the moment the coaster comes to an end

you jump back on to ride again.

So I am not the one to blame

It's just I miss the fortune and fame

of my beautiful girl that I miss

soft red lips, a beautiful kiss...

The anger comes out from deep inside

comes from the coaster that I glide.

Every day and every hour

the pain builds up, but I have the power

to hold it in, and not let a tear

leave my eye, but what I fear

is some day I'll just let it out,

I'll screm, I'll shout, I'll whip, I'll pout.

And I'll cry, I'll cry, I'll cry...

Then... I'll die.

So stop the pain, and be with me,

I want you back can't you see?

Put my heart back to one.

Then my pain will be done.

I loved you then, and always will...

Be with me now or the pain will kill..

Be with me on this day?

Will you love me, what do you say?