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AUGUST 15, 1997:

Just added some real nice looking frames, and put up a few more sections. Hope ya like what you see and keep my site bookmarked! Anyways, there will be a 50+ file upload this week so keep on visiting. And be sure to check out Blueprint's Arguments and take the poll! Thanks for visiting!:)

AUGUST 10, 1997:

Nothin' much done today, added a link, more pictures, made the page look nicer.. That's all...

AUGUST 3, 1997:

Today I added the small poll part and added some more to torgo's page... The sweet people at angelfire gave me 2 megs for free now I can add many files and make this page look much greater then I dreamed of, look for updates! I added some other stuff, but I can't remember.. if you have a link you want on my page, please Email me!

JULY 30, 1997:

I have decided to just have Blueprint Software's Qbasic programs displayed on this page. I don't have enough memory to display other's programs too.. I will have some programs up that I think are really well done, but that is all, then I'll save the rest of the space for our programs... Sorry if you expected more. I added some more stuff, and some new info on my new game, Torgo's Revenge. Check it out! Please, put a link at your page to mine, and I'll do the same for you! Thanx!

JULY 28, 1997:

Added a bit more stuff, even a secret page... Try to find it! and I added some info on my new upcoming game called, "Torgo's Revenge". A new cool RPG game. Anyways... I'll be adding more programs today and today will be a HUGE work day on the page... I want my page to start getting noticed.

JULY 25, 1997:

Added my page to some links on other pages. Sent out some Awards. Ummm.. Made my REAL LinkExchange Banner. Added some more stuff. Blah... Ohh, I can't upload BAS files, so I'll just ZIP them all up, okay?

JULY 22, 1997:

A added myself to LinkExchange, and started to add the site to some search engines. Hey, Maybe I'll get a few hit's in a week! Anyways, I can't upload BAS files here. But I asked them kindly if they would let and I'm waiting for a response. If I can't I'll have to upload them as TXT files.. I hope not though.. Added more graphics.. Blah, blah, blah... Oh, I just decided to upload one game as a txt file. Mith, a RPG game. Kinda sucks...

JULY 21, 1997:

Just started the page, no hits yet! Finnished adding the "who we are" page, "News" page, and "Main" page. Will start updating games and programs tomorrow... I also made a bunch of nice looking gif pictures for the page, hope ya like 'em!