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My Definition

Well Well Well... Lookie whose here .... Yep thats me up there... This page has loads of pictures, infact pictures only and people have been complaining about it. Ummmmm I'll be adding some other stuff to it later, till then you guys stick to these pics !

Above : From your right the one in the blue shirt is hahaha myself and the one in the brown Jacket is my Buddy "Ramesh". It was snowing outside when I saw Ramesh entering the building.....I dragged him for a shot !....

This picture was taken at a Picnic Party hosted by the International Student's Services at Western Michigan University

More pictures from the Picnic Party

Some Recent Pictures !

Click on the Picture below !

Stud of the Century - "Any interesting young ladies for this lil stud muffin ? (Thats my youngest bro)