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Welcome to Waqar's 
 Place in
Cyber World.........


I am currently trying to accomodate my leisure time in developing a page programmed in Macromedia Flash. As soon as I upload that page, I'll be making a link on this page! - Till then, Please enjoy your visit through my realm.
And, before the flash web page is completed, I'll probably be adding more pics to this page...
So please check back later !

Oh well, These pictures are over 2 years old - Soon to be removed!
Click on the picture....
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People I call FRIENDS (More pics would be added shortly) CLICK!!!!

Click on the Picture below, to see whats the Latest !

Here are some of the really old pics - I dont even know why I have them here - Oh well maybe I'm just too lazy to remove them  :P~~~~~
Click Here
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