Contents of Web site of Jakob & Francine Vlietstra

  1. Dictionary of Technical Terms (june 2001 until 2005) - Use this dictionary to find translations from English to Dutch and vice versa of technical terms & phrases.
  2. Methods for finding roots and visualizing seed values used to determine the roots of polynomial equations A study in determining the roots of complex polynomial equations and visualizing the loci of seed values necessary to determine those roots. Used in this study the methods of Wegstein, Newton-Raphson, Regula Falsi, Muller, modified Wegstein, and extended Newton-Raphson
  3. PLM, meer dan techniek alleen An introduction to Product Life Cycle Management. (Appeared in Dutch in 'De Constructeur' - sept. 2003)
  4. Een Onsamenhangende Samenleving (kroniek van een gepensioneerde immigrant) (In Dutch)
  5. Fractals, Functions, and Feedback Systems - A study of the behaviour of simple equations
  6. Curriculum Vitae of Jakob Vlietstra
  7. Searching for Goldbach (2011) - A failed attempt to prove the Goldbach conjecture. The approach was based on the conjecture that all natural numbers can be represented by the mean value of two prime numbers. The document also reflects the wrong approach to an inductive proof and observations about it by the reviewing mathermatician drs. W. Wilhelm.