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  1. Dictionary of Technical Terms (june 2001 until 2006)
    Use this dictionary to find translations from English to Dutch and vice versa of technical terms & phrases.

  2. Technisch Lexicon
    Encyclopedie van begrippen, termen en woorden die veelvuldig in de Informatie Technologie van Industriele Bedrijven worden gebruikt. Het lexicon bevat zeven hoofdstukken: CAD/CAM, Logistiek, Kunstmatige Intelligentie, Computergrafiek, Software Engineering, Electronica, en Telecommunicatie. De termen zijn verzameld in de periode 1988 tot en met 2002.

  3. Fractals & Polynomiographs
    1. Cover,TOC - The folowing 4 subjects contain the information of resp. Part1, Part2, Part3, and Part4 and are related to the info in the Table of Contents (TOC). These 4 studies end with a collection of the visualizations of the issues under discussion.Part5 contains the programs used in Part1,2,3, and 4.
    2. Part1: Fractals, Functions, and Feedback Systems - A study of the behaviour of simple equations
    3. Part2: Analyzing and visualizing Arithmetic Methods - An introduction in the use of modification and relaxation factors.
    4. Part3: Fractals revisited,Complex Equations and Polynomiographs - An overview of working with complex equations,original and modified numerical formulae.
    5. Part4: Methods for finding roots and visualizing seed values used to determine the roots of polynomial equations - A study in determining the roots of complex polynomial equations and visualizing the loci of seed values necessary to determine those roots. Used in this study the methods of Wegstein, Newton-Raphson, Regula Falsi, Muller, modified Wegstein, extended Newton-Raphson, and Vlietstra.
    6. Part5: List of used programs. - An overview of names and functions of used programs.
    7. Last-page: Appendix with explanations, used literature, acknowledgements

  4. Chapter 6 of "Architectures of Enterprise Integration"
    My contribution to a book edited by Bernus, Nemes and Williams and published by Chapman & Hall. The CIMOSA architecture (CIMOSA = Computer Integrated Manufacturing - Open Systems Architecture)is reflected in the purpose, definition, design and implementation of an architecture for enterprise integration. It was developed and sponsored by 22 participating firms under the auspices of the European ESPRIT projects.
    If you have difficulties downloading this extensive part of the book call me at
    and I will e-mail it to you as an attachment.

  5. Information Technology and Industry
    Details of a lecture presented at a major conference in 1997 (not published anywhere)

  6. Herinneringen
    1. Introductie
    2. Jeugd
    3. De jaren doorgebracht op scholen, schepen en in de marine
    4. De Philips jaren
    5. De Overgang van Philips naar AT&T
    6. Bakens en Geleidelichten
    7. Het Verraad van een Nageslacht
    8. Beschrijving van projecten en organisaties
    9. Verslag Raad voor de Scheepvaart re: Aanvaring Waterman

  7. Een Onsamenhangende Samenleving (kroniek van een gepensioneerde immigrant) (In Dutch)

  8. Product Life cycle Management. Meer dan Techniek alleen
    Bijdrage gepubliceerd in "De Constructeur" Nr. 34 van September 2003

  9. Curriculum Vitae of Jakob Vlietstra

  10. Searching for a proof for Goldbach's Conjecture

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