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I like to think...that we, as people embark into life with the same common goal. What is more imortant then love? What can possibly make someone more happy than knowing that someone adores them? That someone would do anything for that person. To know that your simple smile, could bring more joy into a persons heart then any other thing in the world? What I ask you...WHAT could be more wonderful then that?

Aparently, some people do not find these things appealing. Some people, when loved, when adored, find nothing but discomfort and torment, becoz of that love. They "cannot handle it", "dont't need/want it". Which translates to..."I am scared to fucking death". To those people, I say I am so so so sorry, that you cannot enjoy the miraculous thing that love is. The wonderment and the joy it can bring to ones life. To live where one persons smile can make your world a wonderous palce. For you I am sorry and I wish you could feel what many of us do. The joy of love.
These pages are for both kinds of people. For those who live in love and those who fear its power.




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