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The Passing of the Crescent Moon

Go here to see the latest application results and updates and whatnot.

There's a member only message board, and a free for all board (for anyone who goes to my page). If you're a member and don't have the board addy, email me. For anyone and their uncle, you can post here:
The Free For All Board Questions and whatever

Future Pages as the RPG grows:
Pics Page
Past Adventures
Moon Dusted

We've started! Like, a million years ago. The roster is nearly full. Girls! Go ahead and crossdress and play TK or a General! Why not? You're only role playing! ;) All is going fairly well. Check the characters page for characters available and recently freed up positions. Many will probably come and go as everything settles during this stage.

Questions? Comments? Whatnot? Email my booty at and I'll get back to you.

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