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Cam's Card Collection

My main interest in cards is collecting UpperDeck cards.

Still working on collecting all the cards that Upperdeck produced from 1989 til 1998 plus a few sets in early 1999 This includes the other brands that Upperdeck produced under Collectors Choice SP SPX UD3 UD Retro Black Diamond Names I will be relisting a lot of my wanted cards on a regular basis in the hope that other collectors might have a card or two in their inventories that I could use for my collection I have many cards listed on my Trade Card inventory on ID baba Lets Trade if you have cards that you think I might need I am especially interested in 1994 CC Gold Signatures 1996 Collectors Gold Signatures 1995 Upperdeck Special Edition Gold Cards and the 1995 Upperdeck Electric Diamond Gold Cards Really would appreciate hearing from you Thanks Cam

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