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Huber HeyDay!

The Huber Happenings

BIG UPGRADE! Go to the "About the Family" Index to learn about the lives of other FAMOUS Chuck Hubers!

There is also some big, big news on the "Carly - Her Life and Times" page. That girl is something!

Don't forget to check out the HOTTEST site on the 'Net: "Die Oma Web"!

Oma's Web Site!

Check out the "California, the Final Frontier" section for the entire blow-by-blow report of Chuck's wild pig hunt. It's a trip you will scarcely believe!

Glimpses into our placid home life since our return from Turkey can be caught in the "About the Family" and "California, the Final Frontier" sections. The cabin is gone, but you can still read about Chuck's adventures in the wild wild west!

Look through the Turkey archives to read about our wild Turkiye adventures.... Our fearless leader, Chuck-bey, guided us thru ruins and ensured modern day adventures. Hope you enjoy our fox-paw's!

More Pictures of Turkey! New Easier Graphic Display Format!
The Huber Image Gallery - More Turkish Pix o' Excitement!

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