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My Friends at Rosemead High c/o 1996

The following two pages are of my closest friends in high school. Although I don't see them or hear from them often, I still love them lots...

Da Ladies

Top row(L to R): Caroline, Trinh, Helen, Iris, Elisha, and on their laps Mi-le. Bottom row (L to R): Lai, Hui, Lynn, Lisa, and on their laps Me.

Da Guys

Top row (L to R): Roger, Johnny, K, Coung V., and Pheao. Bottom row (L to R): Phong, Coung L., Timmy and Kenny

Winter Formal 1995

This picture was taken during the 1995 Winter Formal. I only scanned the ones with the girls for right now. Once I find the picture with the whole group I will scan that also. Top row (L to R): Lisa, Lai, Hui, Me-le. Bottom row (L to R): Iris, Mai, Elisha, Me, and Trinh.

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