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More Hommies

These pictures are just some of my friends that I have made over the years at Cal State Northidge. I haven't been able to get al my pictures scanned. But hopefully I will have them up sooner or later.

Party at Sheila's

This picture was taken in the beginning of the 1998 Fall semester at Shelia's place (to the right of me). And to the left of me is Lilian.

Miss Texas

This picture is of me and my friend Barbara (to the left). Barb was a teammate of mine during the 1997 season at CSUN. We seemed to go to Boston Market and Dairy Queen everyday after practice. I think that expalains both of our weight gains. Now she is going to Texas Tech...miss you Barb!!!


Here are a few of my buddies in my geography weather class last semester. We had a bunch of laughs in that class. Hopefully I'll have some classes with them again in the future. To the left of me is the right of me is Angela and Teena.

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