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Da Three Amigos

This page is deicated to my best friends that I have at Cal State Northridge, Angela and Aaron. Even though Aaron and Angela seem to get into some kind of conflict, we all seem to get along well. The following pages are just pictures of us kicking it and stuff.


This is Aaron. Ya'll know him as my boyfriend too. Met him during the end of my freshman year at CSUN. Lived down the hall from me and Angela last year. He's stuck around ever since and I am glad. =)


This is the only solo picture that I have of Angela. Another thing is that I had to steal it from her page. The biggest Beavis and Butthead freak that I know. She lived with me my second year at CSUN along with two other roommates Lai and Paula. She is one of the funniest people that I know. Just don't take her sheets in the middle of the night!!! You can ask Aaron about that one! =)

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