Herbalims Links

Herbalism Links


Searchable Herbalism Databases

Plants for a Future best all-round searchable database from Britain, formerly called The Plant Tracker includes growing conditions and medicinal use

American Indian Ethnobotany Database covers more than just herbalism but is the only site of its kind.

A Modern Herbal excellent search function for individual herbs, also links to the associated Homepage featuring various articles

Prevention search for medicinal properties of herbs

SW School of Botanical Medicine includes an extensive library of medicinal plant photographs

University of Washington Medicinal Herb Garden also includes photographs of medicinal herbs

Medicinal Plants of New England contains extensive information on medicinal plants

Herbalism Forums

The GardenWeb Herbalism Forum user-friendly forum on which non-professionals share their experience in alternative medicine

Natural Health my own soapbox on Suite101,com where I write weekly articles and invite you to join in discussions.


Herbalism Sites

Algy's Herb Page well organised searchable site with articles by various authors

Herbal Medicine Center a comprehensive site

Henriette's Herbal Homepage includes medicinal and culinary use of herbs

Herb Net comprehensive site for herb lovers, includes links to educational institutions on alternative medicine

Herbs for Health an About.com site

Kathie's Herb Page very attractive site with a variety of topics including growing, crafts, and Bible herbs

Native American Herbal Remedies remedies compiled by a native Anerican Indian


Aromatherapy Site

Health: Alternative Medicine simple site with rich content

Alternative Medicine Sites

Wellness Web well organised comprehensive, a good introduction to alternative medicine

Ask Dr. Weil one of North America's best known holistic physician offers advice, a searchable data base, a referral to holistic practitioners, and an 8 week course to optimum health

The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians lists the accredited associations in the US and Canada

The Other Side of ADD looks at the mislabeling of genius as ADD, a "must read"

ADHD Relief.com relief for ADHD/ADD, all natural, patented, US clinically proven using a formula of vitamins and enzymes

Gypsy Folk Medicine a collection of folk remedies gleaned from gypsies all over the world

Healthwell.com a well-rounded health site


Commercial Sites

Even if you do not intend to order anything,
you will find useful information on these sites.

Canadian Business

Richters Herb Specialists Ontario herb growers include a free online Herb Newsletter to which you may subscribe

United States Businesses

The Healing Garden requires the download of special software. Most charming site with fascinating activities including herbal cyber greeting cards, self-evaluations, and a sweepstake

Dr. Weed: A Better Way comprehensive site encompassing on-line ordering of herbal preparations with description of the medicinal properties of the herbs, monthly newsletter and quizz, lifestyle evaluation, forum, and FAQ

Arthritis & Glucosamine Resource Center informative site about arthritis and glucosamine, articles on treating arthritis, science backing glucosamine, review of glucosamine products, arthritis newsletter, tips to beat arthritis pain

Herbal Resources Inc includes a herb seed catalogue

Mother Nature's General Store includes a herb library and articles on herbalism


Herbalism Books


Herbal Symbolism

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