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Welcome to Tori's Place

The greatest group of friends assembled at their annual Lake Tahoe ski and gamble week long get-together. I'm not going to point out which one I am. You'll have to guess!

Missouri Fox Trotter extraordinaire Ozark's Busy Lizzie, a.k.a. Dizzy. A true adventurer. I've never known a horse that enjoyed exploring new country as much as Dizzy. A shoulder injury cut short her riding days. I miss her.

Why is it that all our favorite pastimes seem to involve getting dirty? This car wasn't even one week old!

Ragtime Taffy. Former Western Pleasure show horse, disgruntled team penner, and current endurance partner. This girl has an opinion about everything and she is not afraid to voice it. Life is not dull with Taffy around.

A few snapshots of my artwork. I do other subjects besides old cowboys, but these are the only photos that show any detail.