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Suddenly Shawna Chapter 10

"I can't believe she could be so obvious! She either thought that we're idiots or she trusted us without reservation. I'm pretty sure its the first thing." Mike was looking at a spreadsheet in Helen's private files. Her password "soccer" was so easy to crack. Once he could access her files he found interesting data almost immediately. "She knows that I'm a computer illiterate but why would she leave her office open anyway?" Janet said. She was peering over MIke's shoulder at the monitor, her arms were draped over his shoulders and she was caressing his hard chest. "She'e so arrogant. She thinks she has us all pussywhipped, Look, she hasn't even locked her desk or filing cabinets. And I know she thinks I'm an idiot." Mike glowered at the monitor, "Oh well, better to keep a few of my talents under wraps. She doesn't have to know everything about me." "Oooh you're so mysterious," Janet breathed as she french kissed him deeply. Mike kissed back as he grabbed her buttocks. "Let me finish this up then we can get back to bed," He said. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The girls had finished teasing and styling Shawna's new hairdo and were now in the process of dressing the boy in the prettiest white chiffon party dress they could find. It was trimmed in pink and had lovely billowing sleeves. It felt so light and soft on Shawnas nylon encased legs that she began to swoon from the feeling. "Careful girly" said Linda, "you look like you're about to faint." "I'm OK" whispered Shawna. After spraying her with perfume and adding a few accessories, bracelets, necklace, and some earrings they brought Shawna to the three panelled mirror. When Shawna saw herself she almost did faint. She was much prettier than she had ever looked. If she didnt know better she would swear that she was looking at a very pretty, feminine teenage girl going to a dance. "How do you like your new image Shawna? asked Helen "I must say you look lovely as a girl. What do you think?" "I... I.. I can't believe that's me!" cried Shawna. He had been so used to being a girl for the past few days that he started to examine himself from different angles, just like a teen girl would as she's getting ready for a night out. The woman laughed and clapped their hands in glee as he twirled around in front of the mirror. After the initial shock had worn off they proceeded to have Shawna try on an array of differnenet clothes. Long flowing dresses, minidresses, short pleated skirts and frilly blouses, and even a prom dress. Helen was taking pictures all the while and coaxing Shawna to smile and look pretty. He had just begun to think that the fashion show would never end when the bells on the front door rang. In walked a young man of about 18 years. He was quite tall and handsome with sandy blond hair and striking blue eyes. Those eyes had widened to an extreme degree as he gaped at the lovely young girl in the lavender silk chiffon prom dress standing at the mirror. "Oh Paul there you are" said LInda. "Come here. This is Shawna. She's getting ready for a formal dance. Would you be a dear and throw on that tuxedo? Shawnas mom would love to get some pictures and you could be a stand in date for the photo." "I guess so, OK" muttered Paul, inwardly he was doing handsprings. He hurried over to the rack and grabbed the tuxedo. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"I see what she's been doing! No wonder she's been able to spend so much. I've found out her secret" Mike was excitedly typing and going into various files, both digital and in adjoining cabinets. "Has she been stealing?" Janet asked "I don't know yet, I need to tie up a few loose ends. I'll also need to make copies of everything and they could be back any minute." "Don't worry. If she comes back early I'll do what I have to to distract her. I'll do anything if it means getting that bitch off our backs and Shawn's." Janet looked coolly determined. "I hope I can get it done, you better go and look out for her." * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Shawna was smiling for the camera as Paul put his arm around her in a prom picture pose. Helen was taking all kinds of pictures but she winced as she saw her prettified, girlified son being held by another boy as if they were young lovers. It really made her sick. "Come girls, I'll treat you to a late supper for all your hard work'" she told Linda and her assistants. Shawna let out a sigh of relief as she disengaged herself from Paul. "At last" she sighed. "Oh you're not going," said Helen "Linda has offered to let Paul drive you home. Go change back into that black minidress. He can take you out for a bite and then straight home." Shawna was speechless. Out to eat with a boy. Oh no what else could happen? * * * * * * * * * Time seemed to fly while Mike dug deeper into Helens database. He hadnt even started the printouts or copied anything when he heard Helen's car drive up. "I cant stop now. You're going to have to keep her from coming upstairs" Mike shouted down to Janet. He was happy that he remembered to park his truck down the street. Helen didn't know he was here, he hoped. Janet took a deep breath and went for the rum bottle. She took a huge swig off the bottle and then another for good measure. The hard liquor burned her throat as she felt the inebrient go to work. She was still wearing the long negligee. Good, better to piss her off with my dear, she thought. Helen could smell the booze the minute she walked in the door, and there stood Janet, her ex-husband, now a sissy shemale, teetering in front of her dressed in a long nightgown and holding a fith of rum in one hand. "Oh there you are Bissh! I've been waiting for you!" Janet slurred. "What the hell?" yelled Helen. "I don't like the way you been treating me or Shawn. I want you to shtop being such a bisch" Janet was starting to really feel the booze. "Oh that's it, you've had it," Helen shouted as she grabbed Janet by the arm. She pulled back. "Don't you tucsh me!" Janet screamed. Helen was much stronger than Janet and not disabled by liquor. She easily pushed and man handled Janet into the maids room. Janet was shoved face down on the bed and bound hand and foot using the straps which remained tied to her bedposts. "I'm pissed enough as it is knowing that my son is out on a date with a boy and he looks prettier than his sister. Now you're giving me shit! Oh I'll enjoy this." Helen had taken off her slacks and panties. She was fishing in Janets closet for the dildo. * * * * * * * * * * * Shawna had finished her dinner with Paul and was dawdling over her dessert. "You have such beautiful eyes" Paul was cooing to her. He had been flirting and complimenting Shawna the whole time they were in the restaurant. She also couldn't help but notice that a lot of the other males ion the room kept stealing glances at her. She was really getting sick of men and boys ogling her. "Oh sure" she replied sarcastically. "I was wondering, do you have a date for the prom yet?" "Prom what prom? I'm not going to a prom" "Would you like to go to mine? I mean you have such a nice prom gown...." Paul started to turn red. What is he doing? How old does he think I am? "I don't think so." After dinner Paulm escorted Shawna to his car and held the door open for her. As he settled ion the drivers seat he suddenly leaned over and kissed the young girl on the lips. Shawna recoiled and gasped. "No I don't want to." she whined. "It's OK I'm harmless." Paul took his hand off Shawna's shoulder and put it on her knee. Shawna looked at him. She felt so girlish and feminine that suddenly she had a change of heart. If I enjoy dressing like a girl so much maybe I like boys after all. She stared into his eyes and he kissed her again gently. This time Shawna kissed back. It wasn't so bad if she closed her eyes. Paul kissed her again and again while softly caressing her body. She rubbed his chest as she accepted his advances. Then she put her hand in his lap and accidently felt his hard prick under his pants. "that's enough" Shawna whispered "We better go home." "Aww do you have to?" "Yes my mom will be pissed" "But promise you'll go to the prom with me?" "We'll see." * * * * * * * * * Helen Had no mercy. She plowed into Janets ass like a piston engine. Janet could only let out muffled groans through her gag as the dildo reamed her. Of course Helen let loose a nonstop stream of invective and verbal abuse. "You miserable sissy shemale wimp. Take it up your girlish ass like a good prissy whore. Turned our son into a sissified wimp and now you're a drunken she-slut." and so on. Janet was sure that she would split from the reaming. The only thing that kept her hopes alive was the thought that Mike was upstairs getting the goods on the she-bitch. Finally helen let up as she spasmed in a shattering orgasm. "I hope that teaches you missy!" she spat "don't you test me again!" janet could only drop her head as she massaged her assaulted rectum. "Now get into you maids uniform and get back to work NOW!" Janet hurriedly put on her uniform and scurried out the bedroom door. Helen was whacking her ass as she minced to the living room. Just then Shawna walked in the. She had to practically peel Paul off off her in order to get out of the car and he insisted on walking her to the door. Finally, after a goodnight kiss, he left. She saw Mike sitting there holding a bunch of papers. His mom and Janet were there and they looked like there had been a fight of some sort. Both Janet and Mike were staring at Shawna. They hadnt seen the makeover yet and were astounded at how Shawna looked even prettier and more girlish than they had ever seen. "My God Shawna, you look great!" gushed Janet. Shawna saw her wince as she staggered over and practically fell on the her.. "What are you doing here? I didnt hear your truck." Helen said to Mike. "Janet get me a beer! Quit fawning over your sissy son! " "Shut up Helen" Mike said quietly, Suddenly the room went deathly quiet . "WHAAAAT?" Helen shouted "How dare you..." "You heard me. Shut the hell up!" Mike retorted. He had a mean look on his face that made even Helen cow a bit. She recovered quickly. "Get out.. NOW!" "I dont think so." "What? Who do you think you are? I want you out of my house!" "YOUR house huh? I don't know. I think I'll stay and we can talk about what I found in your computer." Mike held up copies of some documents so that Helen could see what they were. Helen's face was a combination of pale panic and unbridled rage. "Wha...? What are those papers. How dare you go into my office! Who the hell do you.... "Oh knock it off Helen. I broke your code. I found everything. You've been cheating the city for hundreds of thousand of dollars." Mike looked at Helen as she went ashen. "Interesting stuff I found, it looks like you've been running a dummy corporation and sending the city fake invoices, which you, as comptroller, authorize to pay. Oh and I also found out how you've hidden your ill gotten gains, you signed the house over to your ex husband without his knowing. You also transferred title of a lot of your assets to Shawna and Jenny. You're quite poor on paper but how much is hidden away I've only just found out." Helen looked defeated as she slumped to a chair. "What are you going to do? Have me arrested?" "First, Janet you change out of that maids uniform. Shawn you can change into your regular clothes if you want after Helen unlocks your room. A few minutes later Janet appeared in a sexy negligee. She went over to Mike and snuggled up to him on the couch. Then they kissed deeply as Helen looked on miserably. * * * * * * * * * * A week later things had changed drastically at the Highwater residence. Shawn was able to wear any clothes he wanted, sometimes he dressed up as Shawna and other times he was just himself in boys clothes. This night he was dressed up and his friend Kyle had come for a visit and was all dolled up as Kayla. They had had a great time dressing up and were now watching tv with Mike and Janet eho were cuddling on the couch. Helen was standing by dressed oin a polyvinyl maids uniform. She was carrying out her duties as servant and waitress to the rest of the household. Mike never reported her so she did keep her job as comptroller although her larcenous ways were behind her. They were all having a relaxing evening when the door suddenly opened. There stood Jenny, back from college. "Hey everyone, I got out of classes early. Anything interesting happen when I was gone? She asked. All but one person looked at her a smiled. THE END (Finally!)