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The Girl-Makers

     Your night was going to be ruined. You could see
that as you watch Mrs Andrews, Eric's mom, coming
down the hall carrying a thermometer.
 "Sorry Mark, it looks like Eric is coming down with the flu." Eric's mom tells you.
  "The flu?" you say.
  "We'll have to postpone the sleepover until
later. Eric's dad will drive you home in a minute"
   "That's OK. Thanks," you say.  She has nice hair,
you think as you watch Mrs. Andrews hurry down the hall, But now what am I going to do? 
  You and Eric had made plans for the August sleepover weeks ago. You would watch the
 baseball game, gorge on junk food, play some pool, look at Eric's latest
car model project (yawn), and then, after his parents
went to sleep, you both planned to sneak out of the house and hang out in the
 secret hide-out on the roof.
   Now it wasn't going to happen. After a few minutes of your arrival you realized
 that Eric was going to be useless. He was coughing, wretching and looking super tired.
 Now you sit there absently watching the pre-game show. Mr. Andrews will drive you home 
and  then what?
Your twin sister Melanie is there having a slumber party with 3 of her seventh grade
 friends with 2 older girls as chaperones. They're probably doing all kinds
of girly things and you'll end up stuck in your room watching tv or playing stupid video games.
   I wish I could have been a girl, you think. No, don't think that. I'm a boy and that's that.
 No use in thinking about your sister having a modeling session
and doing makeovers with her friends. You can't have any part in that. You sigh in frustration.
   "Ready to go Mark?" It was Mr Andrews with his car keys.
   On the way home you remember the girl games you used to play with your sister.
 Being military brats you were always moving from place to place, never there long
 enough to make friends. After a while you both resigned
yourselves to having only each other as exclusive playmates. You struck up
 a secret deal. One day you would play games that you liked. Like trucks, soccer,
baseball, and other boy games. The next day you would play games that Melanie liked.
 Like house, dolls, teaparty, and dress-up.
   Melanie wasn't that good at sports but after a few
months she got better. You were happy to have someone
to play with anyway. But you weren't prepared for how
playing the girl games would effect you. You remember
that you used to be jealous of Melanie because of all
the pretty clothes she got to wear. She also got to have long hair while yours was
 always kept short. It'snot fair, you used to think. How come she got to be the girl?
    Then your father died in a training accident leaving your mother to work and raise
 you and your sister alone. Now, at the age of eight, you were playing girl games with
 Melanie even more often.          
     At first she just wanted
to play dolls and house with you being the father. Then
she wanted to play dress up and pretend that you were
her twin sister. She even gave you a girls name,
Melissa.  After a while you were dressing up as models
using the costumes in Melanie's dress up trunk. 
   "Let's try some of mom's make-up Melissa" Melanie
said to you one day. You were a little afraid to put on
lipstick. What if someone saw? But you let Melanie put
makeup on you anyway. Then she wanted to play hairdresser and so she put one of her
 play wigs on you and began to style and comb it. After she was done you
looked in the mirror and were aghast. Melanie had
turned you into a pretty girl. You were entranced as
you gazed at the image in the mirror, dressed in a
pretty white silk blouse and a pleated skirt. Your hair
was clipped back and flowed down to your shoulders. The
lipstick, eyeshadow, and rouge made you look like a teenager even though you were
 only nine.
   Melanie clapped her hands in glee. "Melissa you look so pretty!" You could only smile
 shyly as you admired yourself in the mirror.
    The games continued for the next few years. You found that you would rather play girl
 games and dress up than play sports with Melanie. She always asked if
you wanted to play soccer or something but you usually
allowed yourself to be talked into playing girl. Finally you confided to your sister, 
"I like pretending to be a girl. I wish I could be one forever."
   "Well at least you can pretend to be Melissa with me" Melanie replied.
    Those were the best days. You especially loved
playing fashion models when you could wear soft silky
dresses. Melanie got better at styling your wig and
doing your makeup and you even started to do it yourself.  Since your mom worked 
in her home office in the afternoon you and Melanie could spend hours playing dress up.
 How you wish you could have continued.
   "You look like you're deep in thought" Mr Andrews
voice brought you abruptly back to reality and the ride
home. "What'cha thinking about?"
   "Oh nothing" you lie. "just thinking about missing
the sleepover."
   "Sorry Mark, Maybe in a few weeks we can try it again. I know how you love to help
 Eric with his models."
   Secretly you roll your eyes behind Mr. Andrews back.
He drives on in silence. You begin musing again.
   Ever since we turned 13 things changed, you think.
Suddenly Melanie didn't want to play girl with you
anymore. She started getting mad if you mentioned dressing up.
   "I don't think you should wear my stuff anymore"
she told you. "It was fun when we were kids but I
don't like it anymore." You were crushed. You secretly
started to sneak your sisters dresses and underwear to
your room where you dressed and pretended to be a girl.
Sometimes you took the wig from the costume trunk and
used the makeup that was there.  you always put it back
even though Melanie never went into the trunk anymore.
    After a while you began to feel sexually excited
when you dressed up. You realized how good it felt to
play with yourself by rubbing the soft material against
your penis. After spurting in a towel you would carefully replace all of the borrowed clothes.
   Why do I have to dress up in secret? Why can't I
just wear girls clothes and have long hair and makeup
whenever you want? It's not fair! These were your constant thoughts.
   "See you soon Mark. Sorry again" Mr Andrews said as
he pulled into your driveway. You gather your sleeping
bag and backpack and trudge up the sidewalk to your
front door.
   As you enter the house you see Melanie and a bunch
of girls sitting in the living room. You recognize
most of them but there are a few faces you don't know.
One very pretty blond girl, about your age, and another older girl with short brown hair.
 She looked like she could be one of Cindy's friends. Cindy was the college age girl who
 took care of you and Melanie once in a while when your mom went out for the evening.
   You thought you would sneak by them into your room
without being noticed when suddenly they all shout at
once "HI MELISSA!" They all look at you and burst into
uncontrollable giggling.
   You feel your cheeks burn as you realize that they
know your girl name! How could Melanie do this to you?!
You can only stare blankly at the group of girls as you feel your face go pale.
 Then you flee to your room, absolutely mortified.
   You sit on your bed and stare at your gameboy. You
aren't playing because you can only think about how
Melanie has betrayed you to a bunch of girls and now your life is ruined.
 By Monday afternoon it will be all over school that you are a girlish sissy who
 loves to wear dresses and makeup. You hear a quiet tapping on your door.
  "Mark?" You hear Melanie say. "I'm sorry. It's OK.
Can I come in?"
   You rush to the door and fling it open "What do you
want?" you yell. Then you see Cindy standing behind
Melanie and you turn bright red. "Why did you all
call me Melissa?" You try to pretend that you
don't understand.
  "I said I was sorry. We were playing Truth or Dare
and everyone had to tell a secret they never told
anyone. Don't worry they wont tell." Melanie looked
truly apologetic but you are still in a rage and panic.
   "Don't you know?.. Everyone is gonna make fun of me
now! My life is ruined!" 
   "Melanie let me talk to Mark for a minute" Cindy
said grabbing Melanie and leading her out. When she came back she sat
 on the edge of your bed and looked
at you seriously. "Mark it's OK if you like to dress
like a girl. I've read a lot about it and its not that weird. Would you like to dress
 up tonight?"
   You feel a mixed feeling of dread and relief.
"you would just laugh at me and make fun" you finally say.
    "No we won't. This will be fun. We were getting bored anyway. Tell you what,
 let me talk to the rest
of them and make sure it's OK. You wait here."
   Before you have a chance to reply Cindy was out 
the door. You pick up your gameboy again but of
course you can't play. All you can think about is
getting the chance to play girl again and this time with a whole group of girls.
 Before you have time to
chicken out Cindy comes back in your room.
   "Ok here's the deal. The girls will let you join
in the slumber party but your must follow our rules
and not act like your usual boyish self. Is that Ok?
If not you can just sit up here alone."
   You sit there, unable to speak or decide what to do.
Are you being set up to be humiliated? Should you grab
at the chance to be a girl or just forget it. But they
know about you already thanks to Melanie.
   "Oh come on you know you want to. Just admit it."
Cindy said with a smile.
   Finally you say OK. 
   "Fine" says Cindy. "You wait here in your room and
don't come out for 10 minutes." She leaves you alone.
You sit there, not quite believing whats happening. 
Will they really let you be one of the girls? You
suddenly become excited at the possibilities. You
unconsciously begin to play with yourself. "I'm gonna
be a girl" you think. "I'm really going to."
   Before you know it 10 minutes had passed. You quietly open your door and peer out. 
The first thing
you see is a note pinned to the opposite wall. You
look closer at what's written: 
       Go into the bathroom and get into the tub.
        More instructions there.
                               The Girl-Makers

   You go into the bathroom and the hot steam wafts
into your face. Someone has filled the tub. The scent of lavender is strong in the air.
 You disrobe and climb into the tub. As you soak in the scented bubbles you see another
 note slide under the bathroom door. You leave the tub and grab the letter.
       Open the bathroom door and get the towel and 
       powder. inside the towel you will find a pair
       of slippers. Dry yourself. Then powder   your body all over. Wrap the towel around your
       upper chest, put on the slippers and go back to your room. There will be further 
       instructions  there.
                          The Girl-Makers

    You open the bathroom door and see a big pink
fluffy towel on the floor. You quickly grab it and the
bottle of powder laying on top. You quickly glance around to see if the girls are
 watching and snickering at you. You don't see anyone.
    You dry off and powder your body as instucted. You
feel soft and silky after the perfumed bath and
powdering. You slip your feet into the girls slippers
which were wrapped inside the towel. They feel soft on
your feet as you wrap the towel around your chest like a girl would and cautiously
 steal out of the bathroom.
    Safely inside your room you immediately see a 
note on your bed next to a pile of clothes. You pick it up and read: 
        Put on the clothes you find here. After
        you are dressed walk outside your bedroom,
        tie the scarf around your head covering your
         eyes and then wait for us to get you.
                          The Girl-Makers

     You look at the pile of clothes. The first thing
you see is a pink bra and thong panty set. You pick up
the thong dubiously as you ponder whether to go through with this. Finally you
 decide what the heck, its your
chance to dress up with some girls so lets see how it goes. You put on the thong.
 Then you put on the bra.
You have a hard time snapping the bra in place but finally you have it on. Next you 
find some sleepwear. Its a silky pair of dark purple paisley
tap pants and a matching short kimono wrap. You pull on the tap pants and feel
 your prick start to strain
against the thong panties. You decide to hide your hard dick between your legs.
 Now your crotch looks smooth
like a girls. Then you put on the kimono and tie the belt around your waist.
 The combination of the panties
tap pants and kimono is sooo soft and silky on your
powdered body. you begin to shake with excitement.
    Now for the moment of truth. What will happen to you next as you cautiously tiptoe
 out of your room?
You tie the scarf around your eyed as instructed. Then you wait. Time seems to stand
 still as you stand in the hallway in darkness. Have they planned something that
will be totally embarrassing? What have you gotten yourself into?
    Just as you're beginning to lose your nerve and go back to your room you hear
 some quiet chanting. It's the girls coming down the hall. You can barely make out
their eerie recitation.
  "We are the Girl-Makers, We are the Girl-Makers"
  They chanted over and over. You feel arms grab you
and lead you down the hall as the incessant drone continues:
   "We are the Girl-Makers, we are the Girl-Makers."

  Then they start turning you around and you lose your
bearings. You dont know where you are or what will happen next. Suddenly you feel 
yourself being pushed as many arms gently lay you on the rug. You think you're in the
 living room but you dont know. Then you hear
a girls voice in your ear. It may be Cindy but it's low and breathy. "You will speak only
 when spoken too
is that clear?" 
  You begin to get a little scared as you stutter "Y-yes."
   "Very well. You are here because of your desire to be a girl.Yes or no?" the voice asks.
   "Y-yes" you're beginning to squirm a little.
    "Then repeat after me: I, Melissa, do solemnly
    "I Melissa..." you repeat as Cindy feeds you each line. "Do solemnly swear that I
 want to become a girl
and will dress and act accordingly. I will abide by the rules of the Girl-Makers Society 
and will not go back to being a boy until I am told. So help me Goddess."

    After the oath you lie there very still. Then you
hear the Girl-Makers chanting:
            "Satin and lace the boy we erase
             Satin and lace the boy we erase"
    Then you suddenly feel a gentle wisping go by your face. You can't really make
 out what it was but it feels like a cool breeze caused by something silky soft.
Then you feel it again. You reach up to brush it away.
  "Keep your arms at your side Melissa!" whispered
Cindy sternly in your ear. You obey and feel more
wispy things at your legs, your arms, then your body and head and face again. 
Then you feel that its silky
clothing being brushed all over your body. Its lingerie and girls underwear. 
The Girl-Makers continue chanting
"satin and lace..." as they drag their soft silky
nightgowns, babydolls, panties and bras all over your body. Then they begin
 dropping the lingerie on top of
you. You're being buried in girls underwear and nightgowns. The panties and slips
 land on your face and you breath in the fresh girly aroma of the intimate attire. 
  You lay there under the pile of satin and silk and the Girl-Makers stop chanting. 
You hope that they don't notice your raging hardness under the tap pants and
 thong panties but how can they when you're buried under a pile of lingerie? 
   Then the girls began a new chant:

     Makeup her face, the boy we erase
     makeup her face, the boy we erase

   You lay there wondering what would happen next as the Girl-Makers remove
 the lingerie from on top of you. 
Then you hear Cindy whisper in your ear "Don't move
Melissa," and you feel a light brushing on your cheek.
You recognize the smell of blush powder as someone
applies it to your face. Then you feel the creamy
wet lipstick being spread on your mouth. 
   All through this you hear the chanting. Then the
verse changes again:

     long flowing hair, for maiden fair
     long flowing hair, for maiden fair

  You can sense that the Girl-makers are circling your prone body. Then you feel
 one of them lean over you letting her hair brush your face. She swishes her hair
all around and you feel the softness caress your cheeks.  Then she leaves and another
 girl smothers your
face with her hair. You can smell the pretty scent of
her recently shampooed tresses. One by one each of the Girl-Makers shakes her
 hair on your face. Then they
are all swishing their hair all over your body. You are
overcome with excitement as you taste your painted lips and squirm in your
 thong and tap pants. The silk kimono
is caressing your legs as the Girl-Makers continue their ritual.
   After a few minutes of this the Girl-Makers stop
their full body hair massage. You are then pulled to your feet by the two older girls.
 Your sisters friends
certainly couldn't lift you up so easily. The entire time you hear the Girl-Makers continue
 their chant:

    long flowing hair, for maiden fair
    long flowing hair, for maiden fair

   Then you hear Cindy talk to another girl "hand me
Melissa's hair."  You feel a long silky soft flowing wig being placed on your head. 
Then they began
to brush and style your new hair even as you stand there submissively. 
   "OK that's good enough for now. good job Girl-Makers, I think Melissa is ready to
 join our group" you hear Cindy say. She then unties the scarf
which has hitherto kept you in darkness. You blink as
the lights hit your eyes. Finally, as your eyes adjust,
you see all five girls standing around you. They are
all smiling, satisfied with your transformation.
    "Welcome to the Girl-Makers club Melissa. You
are now a girl," says Cindy. "How do you feel?"
    "OK I guess" you say. 
    "No thats not good enough. You better show proper
appreciation for being allowed to join our group."
    You begin to turn red "Thank you very much for making me a girl
. I'm very happy that you've dressed 
me up so pretty," you hear yourself say.
   "That's better" says Cindy, "Now lets continue with
the girl games we had planned. First lets have introductions all around."
   "Hi Melissa, my name's Amber" says the older girl
who you didn't know.
   "My name's Ashley" rejoins a girl who was about fourteen.
   "You know my friend Lisa" offers Melanie.
   "Good. Now that we know each other lets start with
the makeovers. Amber you start working on Melissa's
nails and you other girls can give each other pedicures
since you're already wearing nail polish," Cindy was
taking charge of the party.
   You look around and see that there is plenty of drinks and snacks to be had.
 You can't eat anything 
however since Amber was busily working on filing and
painting your finger nails.
   "How long have you wanted to be a girl Melissa?"
she asked.
   "Uh... well.. a while I guess"
   "Melissa!" Cindy interjected, "Try to sound more feminine. Your voice sounds like a boys.
   You try to make your voice sound high and girlish.
"I've been dressing like a girl for 5 years, I just
love dresses and makeup."
   The Girl-Makers finish the nail painting. You look at your hands and toes and are
 delighted to see them coated in a bright shiny red.
   "Now for the makeover session" says Cindy. She
pulls out a huge cosmetic kit and Amber proceeds to
apply large amounts of makeup to your face. You are not allowed to sneak glances 
of yourself in the mirror so you settle in and enjoy the makeover.
    A few minutes later Amber says that she's done with
the makeup. She then brushes your hair and puts in some
pretty hairclips. "OK she's finished" she says.
    All the girls gather around. You see that your sister and her friends are all
 made up like models. They look so beautiful. 
   "Oh my God! I cant believe thats you" says Melanie.
Thats the prettiest you've ever looked. She holds up a mirror and you see a
 very cute girl staring back at you.
   "Thats me? I cant believe it" you say in your high voice.
   "The fun's just beginning Melissa. Now we're going to have a fashion show" says Cindy.
   Now you are truly in your glory as you and the Girl-Makers try on dress after dress
. Amber finds some
good dance music and the other girls create a model runway. Then they applaud as
 Cindy commands you to 
model your clothes. First you show off in a silky
cocktail dress, then they have you wear a cheerleaders
outfit, a leather miniskirt and sweater set, a variety
of other girls outfits and then finally Cindy puts you in her prom gown. 
All the while you are modeling for the girls, getting more and more comfortable being
Melissa. Amber has brought a polaroid camera with her
and she was busy taking photo after photo of the new
girl in town. You pose prettily for the camera.
    "Now we will play secrets, says Cindy. "Everyone
has already told a secret except Melissa. Now it's your
turn Melissa."
   "Uh... well.. you know about my big secret now..
but I have another I havent told anyone" you stammer.
It's just that..well.. I think I'm a lesbian."
   The Girl-Makers were stunned into silence. Then they all break up laughing.  
   "You just haven't found the right guy yet Melissa"
Amber laughed. 
   You turn bright red. "But I dont like guys" you whine. 
   "Oh its OK" says Lisa "I think its great. But I prefer guys myself."
   You are every shade of red as they continue to prod
you about being a girl who likes girls instead of guys.
Finally everyone seems to tire out. you look at the clock and see that its 1:30
 in the morning.
    "I think everyone better get to sleep. it's getting
late," says Cindy.
    All the girls begin to curl up in their sleeping bags. Theyre all sleeping
 in the living room. 
    "You can sleep with us Melissa since youre a girl now." Melanie says.
    "Just don't try anything funny lezzie" says Ashley
    "But what about all this makeup. What if mom sees?"
You cry.
    "Don't worry we'll wash it off tomorrow before your mom gets home."
    So you settle down to sleep in your sleeping bag.
What a night you've had. Never in your wildest dreams did you think you would
 spend the night being a girl at
a slumber party. You sigh in satisfaction as you drift off to sleep.
    The next morning you wake up in your room alone.
You vaguely remember getting up in the middle of the night and sleepily wandering 
to your own bed. You get up and the first thing you realize is that you're still wearing 
your girls underwear and the kimono. Your wig is still on but in disarray and your
 makeup is still 
painted on your face, a bit smeared and faded, but there. You look on your desk 
and see a bunch of photos
of you modeling your pretty clothes.
    Then you get a horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach. You quietly open
 your bedroom door and your worst fears ae realized. The Girl-Makers club has
left and you hear your mom talking to Melanie. 
  How will I get off all this makeup without my mom knowing, you think. The panic sets in as
 you look at your feminized face in the mirror. You straighten out your wig and then for
 some reason you brush out your hair again. Amber had put on so much makeup that you
 still looked girlish. You stare at yourself and ponder what to do. Then, without allowing
 yourself time to chicken out, you put on your fluffy slippers and walk out your bedroom door.
    Your heart starts to beat a mile a minute as you head towards your moms voice in the
 kitchen. You take a deep breath and march right in.
    Your mom is sitting at the kitchen table and she looks up in surprise. She looks
 like she doesnt even recognize you. You've come this far, you just blurt it out:
   "Hi Mom, I've decided what I want to be when I grow up."