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lilly88 / Personal WBS Home Page

You are about to witness the first page ever designed by Lilly, aka Gamagirl. It is here simply for memory sake.This page will never be modified.

It's not intended as an example of my genious, but a look back in time, just for shits and grins.




morning lilly
lilly in the morning



to my little world.

I am lilly. I live in San Diego, but I am originally from Maine. I am a single mom, surrogate mom, and a computer science tutor at a community college here in southern Cal.

I have a huge variety of interests and nuances. Music is one of the most important elements in my life. I enjoy almost all types of music, none being favorite, all depending on the state of mind, atmosphere, and other factors. I have often said, if my life were a movie, it would be a musical!! "Oasis Lilly" or something like that.

I have had many unbelievable occurances in my life... and i have found that relating these things, such as being struck by lightning.. is not always fun, as alot of times i am dismissed as a great story teller. I do write, dabble in photography, and have taught art and music to children here in San Diego....
That's about it...not really,
but that's all for now.

Oh, and i must not forget!!!

I am crazy about olives!!!!!

this Texan is at large!!!!

Gun Pic, hoping to find that Texan... hehehe

radiomaniac pic
A real dear!! RADiOMANiAC!!!

Angelfire Communications

I know you can do it!! But I'm not going to beg!!!!

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that's all for now!!! BYEBYE waving hand HOT LINK ====>thirtysomething lounge I thank 2E4BED(who love's ya babe?) for the great Idea!!! WOW!! Thanks!!!! ~(-:

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