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And The Flag Was Still There
By Lois Shawver

In this groundbreaking book, psychologist Lois Shawver tells us that the U.S. military should drop its ban on gays. The Canadians relied on her testimony in 1992
when they decided to drop their ban,
and in this book, Shawver explains why the U.S. military should also lift its ban on gays.

Her explanation of why the ban should be lifted takes us deep into the heart of human sexuality. It talks about the way men and women minimize and manage their sexual response and also how they foster and encourage it, often without realizing it. This important process is damaged, she argues, in sexually toxic situations. When she compares the U.S. culture with other cultures and the current generation with generations past, she finds the sexual culture in the present day U.S. military to be particularly toxic for human sexuality.

This is because any culture that tries to identify and prosecute something as hidden and as elusive as a secret homosexual identity, can only do so by creating a climate of fear and hypocrisy. It must encourage unfounded accusations and it must submit unfairly accused people to brutal and destructive interrogations. In the case of gays, this must be done whether or not the suspected parties recognize themselves as gay or lesbian prior to the interrogations. In fact, these interrogations can sound like brainwashing. Chapter 8 contains the true stories of many people hurt by these practices, people many who gave their permission to publish their names as a way of protesting this unfortunate situation.

The first chapter of And the Flag Was Still There, is available from this website. Just click on the appropriate line in the flag below. Although chapters are sometimes difficult to read online the easy writing of this book makes it more readable than most. You can find the book in most university libraries and in many bookstores. Instructions on how to order direct from the publisher are also contained in a link in the flag below. Online orders can be placed anytime, day or night.

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