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Philosophy 4 

http://www.u-s-history.com/ - interactive history

http://www.groxis.com/-organize complex data http://www.metopera.org/

GE Cypress 7 1000 or 3000

Gail cell phone - 970 485-0495

Tom Jackson's work phone is (408) 742-2013

Beethoven Center [(408) 808-2058] Library on the campus of San Jose State University, San Jose, CA 95192-0171
All-Beethoven web radio 

For the Time, the Saratoga, California Weather Forecast, some Science or for Bay Area Traffic 

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Project Gutenberg 

http://www.biospace.com/linkto.cfm?link=www.ibm.com/solutions/lifesciences/r/clinical_e46”>I BM Life Sciences Web Lecture Series

http://www.oanda.com/converter/classic“>Foreign Exchange Currency Converter


International Registry of Slaves 
coffee glossaree 

Ham radio 

https://jobsonline.doe.gov/scripts/qhwebdoe.exe/rundirect?Org=1&Job=3284 - DOE

Jade Parfitt

Network Appliance

495 East Java Drive
Sunnyvale, CA 94089
(408) 822-6000 phone
(408) 822-4501 fax

"Jonathan Crowther" 




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MANDI You can send and receive email using your voice commands from any phone.
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Richardson TX and other places www.GrandSlamTalent.com

Northern CA and other places http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ExNortel/

RTP in NC http://www.trianglenetworkinggroup.com/

FL and some other http://www.calaprogroup.com/index.htm

DFW please call the people in charge http://www.careerconnection.org/


This did it all, at least for me and certainly for her. She wore a Tee of stretch metallic cherry made from two pieces. the upper was everything above the bottom of her tits and fit tightly and form fitting as it held her tits. It had a seam in the center front that pulled the tits up and in. The bottom part was the same material with the seam in the back and it was shirred so in fit tightly but could be pulled away and pushed up or pulled down to show more or less of her waist. Her steel gray short-shorts also fit her tightly.

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SwimmingLessons StupefyinJones abner5 tartan_04 - for house dolfina - for girl in a fishbowl cloud9 - for ashley loses V whosontop - for seduction beachshorts.jpg creamsatin2.jpg \promblackstrapless.jpg prombluesatin.jpg prompinkfloral.jpg promtieback.jpg promtiebackfront.jpg promtiebackfull.jpg

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Shelley Gaddey, of Project Corps - http://www.projectcorps.com/ - "Shelley Gaddie"
look at site


Mamur Zapt- look for more
Fremont Jones- look for more
Jane and - Stephanie Barron- look for more
Barbara Paul - look for more opera

All the King's Men by Robert Penn Warren
A Bell for Adano by John Hersey


Anna Karenina
Merry Widow


January - Opera bill for 04-05 @ Fox - front row in the Grand Tier -- close to center as much as possible on Friday - $560. January 10 @ 6 - Ellie for Sherry

February 1 @ 3:18 p.m. in Reliant Stadium, Houston
February 20, 2004 San Jose Opera
February 27 Santa Clara

Tech museum Free in April
April 4, 5 and 6 - Carmel Highlands Inn. Offer open till May 17th
April 5 at 9:30 am- Presentation

April 30, 2004 San Jose Opera
May 7 Santa Clara
May 12, MIDDLETOWN, CA Saturday, 1100 a.m. - 300 p.m. Guenoc Winery and Langtry House. Wines, Tours, Food and Jazz!
May 28 Santa Clara

Rosicrucian museum Free in July

Sunday August 10, 2004 - Merola - Barber - Yerba Buena 2 PM



December - go to sumitomo for calendars 1st week
Christmas -
New Years -

SFO-alcatraz-ferry bldg-neighborhoods

Yahoo or Map Quest  Maps to find location for your Job Interview

California Sesquicentenial  
Cybernetic Systems 
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Golden Goddesses  
Monarch Screw and Bolt Co.  
Network for Educators in the Workplace (N.E.T.)  
Opera and Art  
Starfleet Acadamy  

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"LayoffLounge.com" - UserName: HowardSummers,Password: NQU6xTqN
The Layoff Lounge 
howard@tongaonline.com/andrewct - To login, click: http://www.tongaonline.com 

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Freelance Work Exchange 

Forbes' Annual Best Places Feature article answers the question. Because of the changes in the economy, Forbes now factors in Job Growth as they rate and rank the Top 10 metro areas in the US. See the Top 10 list 

fast growing Cos



SiliValle y Networking 

For networking events, log into - http://www.workit.com

Forty Plus 

Big Brother 

[ExNortel] EDD - Trade Adjustment Assistance

Trade Adjustment Assistance

Fed Money Retriever 

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eMail - ???

Map to Kaiser - 220 East Hacienda Ave. 236-6440
European Car Repair  
Real Estate Appraisal 
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To send an email, the format is: marcia@saratoga-ca.com this doesn't work yet!

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Cardinal Health 

Two PM jobs and two P coordinator jobs Base Line Engineering is looking for candidates with semiconductor experience. Greg Pecher is the contact. email your resume to greg@ble.com if they have a position on the web that interests you. Great Article to answer the question "Why don't I have a job yet? 
coherent Inc. Katie Bloom - 150 So. First - 294-4408 Flying Pig Pub - 78 So. First - 298-6710 (Sounds like a place for Fijis) O'Flaherty's - 25 San Pedro - 947-8302 Katie Bloom's in Campbell - 369 Campbell Ave at Central, Campbell. -408.379.9687 Murphy's Law - 135 S. Murphy Ave, Sunnyvale. - 408.736.3822. St. Stephen's Green - 223 Castro St, Mountain View. - 650.964.9151.

Liberty Mutual - 577-1191 H32-261-041345-003

Coffee house near Apple

DeAnza Oaks shopping center
"Donut Wheel" (next to Apple computer), 10250 N. De Anza Boulevard, Cupertino

Jobs =============
ATI?? Apple 

Apple Careers 


Requisition Number: 200323 Job Title: PROJECT ENGINEER STF

Requisition Number: 158724 Job Title: Program Sr Mgr

Requisition Number: 191214 Job Title: Subcontract Program Mgr

Requisition Number: 160979 Job Title: Subcontract Program Sr Mgr

Lockheed Careers 

Current Search: Business Unit: Any Job Type: Program Management Job Category: Experienced Professional State: CA Keyword(s): No keyword(s) entered Requisition Number: 153708 - 160979 Aptech  energy company - is a small engineering services company in Sunnyvale, primarily providing engineering services for the power and oil & gas industry
http://www.bechtel.com/ Lawrence Livermore Labs is hiring: http://www.llnl.gov/jobs/index.html - These postings don't seem to show up on any of the job search sites. Unfortunately, I could not find a way to search the listings so you have to read through every one that looks like it could apply to you.
Project Manager Employment Center.  Search for jobs or to update your information
Spherion professional contracting: http://www.spherion.com http://www.aero.org/home.html Allied Telesyn http://www.alliedtelesyn.com/allied/new_index.asp 6) Product Marketing Manager/Tech Product Manager- I need 3 people, Layer 2/3 switch experience Please have them email me at kareem_issa@alliedtelesyn.com http://broadband.spirentcom.com/careers/jobs.asp http://www.nvidia.com polycom.com networking acg.org patca.org ednet.cc.ca.us =============
http://bensguide.gpo.gov/”>kids site http://www.sfredbook.com/”> San Francisco Bay Area Escort, Massage, and Strip Club Reviews *** Translate any word in any Web page to European languages
Kaiser Acct. No: 11-0011393979 Kaiser Foundation Health Plan PO Box 7152 Pasadena, CA 91109-7152 /ca/bunnies/cheerleadersfromhellXXX certifiedangusbeef.com skoell@dfg.ca.gov email on limits and seasons for clams and mussels

Aubade lingerie

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    Web services - the hot new distributed computing architecture 

    3 month assignment ending in late Feb 2003

    lynn's friend tedbache@sbcglobal.net Nasa volunteer - bpatterson@mail.arc.nasa.gov http://www.trickswithhats.org/ New Right-from-Home Features - We are pleased to announce that the Network Board and Organizer are now live and available on Right-from-Home: · Network Board: The Network Board facilitates communication between Right candidates by providing a venue within which people of like goals and experiences can openly post messages on various topics. · Organizer: This new feature enables candidates to have an online calendar, task list and contact list. cheerleader outfit: colors - metalic light teal bikini top with blood red trim and serviette skirt of metalic light teal on the outside and blood red on the inside. When they do a jump the skirt flips to show the red with their matching panties.

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