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STOP! Before you go any farther, please check out my new site Scrumptious. Thanx! Hello! Welcome to my island! I'm Stardawl, I'll be your server for today. Take off your shoes, drink some lemonade, and enjoy!

moving ball

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JuSt a GiRL tOp 10 bAbeE

HyPeR LiNx CoNtEsT fOr yOuR eArS!

tHiNk aLwAyZ LOL! *funny zone* LOL!

YiPpeE dO dA ReAd iT & WeEp!

CrAfTy wOrDs ShRiNk qUiZ

sHiNe GrAb iT!


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SiGn dA GuEsT boOk Guestbook by LpageViEw dA GUeSt bOoK

There has been cute people on this island.
Congrats to Sugar46 who was visitor #1000!


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Valley Girl Style

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~*When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will be at Peace*~