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Pengies Galore!Pengies Galore!
Love from the Arctic

Adopt~A~Pengie or Polar Bear today!

While most polar bears are not nice to penguins, the ones from this shelter enjoy the company of penguins. Feel free to adopt both. They will live peacefully together!


Pengie with a 'tude

This fellow has a small 'Tude
He'll expect to be the first and foremost in your life

This little fellow is shy but friendly.
You'll get lots of love when you win him over
This fellow knows he's the best thing on webbed feet.
He'll allow you to love and shelter him.

This pengie is quiet and aloof.
He prefers to be left to his own devices. Minimal care pet.

This pair needs a safe happy home.

This penguin needs special love and care!

This bear has love to spare!

This one loves to roam, but would like to call your page his home.


You can adopt these fellows from here! All you need to do is right click on them and "save image as: "

If you are looking for a pet to live online visit my Neopets pagefuzio_yellow_happy.gif (3333 bytes)

Leave the address of where your pet will be so that others may visit them.

VISIT the HeartFriendz of the placed polar palz!

Guestbook by Lpage

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Pengies Galore!

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