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Diablo 2

I'm active on on the USEast realm. Mostly I can be found hanging out at the channel "Clan theamazonbasin". I suggest you check them out :)

As for my characters, I have the following:

Skyth_DeSexton: Level 51 Zookeeper Necro
Syleno: Level 86 Magic find Sorceress
Enacypt:Level 77 Frostmaiden Amazon
Tzen_kul:Level 48 Dual-axe Magic find Barbarian
Khaine_kul:Level 79 S/S Barbarian

Justicar_kul:Level 51 Defiant Paladin
Khaas_kul:Level 52 Martial arts Assasin
Cammac_kul:Level 36 Javazon

Sanasta_kul:Level 69 Thorn/Vengence Paladin(Working on Hammerdin)
Syleno_kul:Level 57 Notwink Sorceress
Longinus_kul:Level 21 Throwing Barbarian