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Rules changes/clarifications

The following things have changed from standard rules

Experience and leveling

As part of character creation/leveling, you must map out your character's next level. If you wish to take a prestige class, consult with me first to see if it's allowed. Experience will be given at the start of the game session for the session previous. If you level, let me know so that I can roll hit points for you (Best of 2 rolls, and must be over half the maximum)


Katana(1d8 damage, 18-20 crit, Not always masterwork, requires exotic weapon proficiency to use one handed)
Wakizashi(18-20 crit, Not always masterwork)

Breaking things

It is not neccessary to have a weapon with an equivalent enhancement bonus to break a magic item. Any weapon can break a magic item. It's just that magic items are tougher than normal items.


Iaijitsu focus can only be used with a sword or a dagger unless it is used as a full-round action (giving just one attack)


Harm allows a save (will, half). It does a maximum of 100 points of damage (50 on a successful will save).


A character must have at least 8 hours in between periods of resting in order to regain spells.