How can I help?
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How can I help?

Add your information:

You can have your thesis included for reference by others if you email a bibliography reference and a 25 word or less about what you are up to now to the address below. If you know any other graduates who are not on this list, tell them to send their email if they want to be included.


Volunteer by email to do one of the following:


Set criteria for tools to be on list.

Update tools biblio.

Recommend additions to tools list from futures tools list.

Comments on application of tools.

Update computer simulation languages or prepare paper on availability CSIM.


Set criteria for references being on list.

Add to list by submitting one page reports.


Be CyberChair of meetings.

Be VP of Venue.

Be VP of communications.

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Send comments for improvement and ways to make more useful by email below.

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How can I help?
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