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Future Tools

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The following cybernetic tools are listed for future study in If I had a Hammer . . . A Systems Tool Handbook, A team project for Cybernetic Systems 230, Spring, 1975 and Spring, 1976 at San Jose State University. These are presented in order listed in report. You can Volunteer by email to evaluate usefullness and identify references.

Tools for Future Work

Growth Analogies


Personal Analogy

Direct analogy

Symbolic Analogy

Fantasy Analogy

Hypothetical Situations


"Buzz" Groups

"Genius" Forecasting

Prescience, clairvoyance

Operational Creativity

Analogy with case examples


Science Fiction

Study of Unanticipated Events

Cross-Cultural Comparisons

Macrohistorical Cycles

Thinking in Parallel Planes

Thinking with Specified Concepts

Thinking with Basic Elements

Thinking with Outline Strategies

Thinking with Diverse Viewpoints

Surprise Free Projections

Canonical Trend Variations

Study of Alternative Futures

Estimates of Preferences

Social Trend Analysis

Prediction of Changeover Points

Estimates of Needs and Priorities

Technological Assessments

Policy Forecasting

Value Analysis

Life Styles

Policy Capture

Sign Diagraph

Policy Issue Knowledge

Introspective Forecasting

Chains of Industries

Input-Output Analysis

Contextual Mapping

Growth Curve Models

Structural Models

Readiness Models

Rigid (Computer) Models

Macroeconomic Models

Microeconomic Models

Statistical Models

Diffusion Models

Functional Analysis

Integrated Inofrmation Systems

Logical-analytic frameworks

Adaptive search

Work flows

Parametric sensitivity

Marginal analysis

Risk assessment

Dynamic programming

Mission networks

Return on Investment (ROI)

Return on Assets

Return on Equity

Attribute Listing

Technological Progress Functions

Technological Mapping

Perspective Trees

Line-of Balance (LOB)

Milestone System

Gantt Charts

Feedback Techniques

Sensitivity Analysis

Utility Profiles

Monte Carlo

Tend Extrapolation

Exponential Trends

Non-exponential Trends

Exponential Smoothing

Time-Series Data

Trends with a Limit

Nonlinear Trends

Regression Analysis

Least Squares Method

Curve Fitting with judgmental modification

Lagged Variables

Dummy Variables

Statistical Probabilities

Probabilistic Forecasting

Intuitive Extrapolation

Bayesian Statistics

Propagation of variances

Link-relative trending

Substitution Curves

Peal's Formula

Gomperz' Law

Envelope curves

Correlation Analysis

Correlation Coefficients


Cycle Analysis

Moving averages


Economic Indicators

Social Indicators

Precursor Events

Diffusion indices

Amplitude-adjusted indices

Analysis of Critical Factors

Signal of Change

Technological Audits

Interpretation of Behavior

Analysis of Limits and Barriers

Activities, Interests, Opinions (AIO)


Surveys of activities, event, units, etc.

Surveys of intentions

Surveys of Preferences and Priorities

Surveys of hopes, fears


Bargaining and Negotiation

Black Box



Decision Tables

Encounter Groups

Experiential Plunge


Flow Processing

Force Field Analysis


Great Person


Information Algebra

Information Matrix

Information process Charts

Management Information Systems


Participatory Needs assessment


priority Ranking

Quaker Consensus

Seat of the pants

Small Conferences



System Dynamics

T Groups

Verbal Simulation

Program Planning and Budgeting systems (PPBS)

Social-Technical-Economic-Political Anticipatory Intelligence

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