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Serious Poems

This section of poets corner includes poems about love, pain, heartache, world issues and so on, you get the point :) To submit your own origional poem click here

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Cloud 9

I think that I've fallen head over heals for a guy
I wonder off and get lost, you can see it in my eye

Tell me I'm dreaming and this can't be true,
Should I follow my heart or am I just a fool?

When he's in my sight, I can't think straight,
Only about the next move I should make.

No no no!  What's wrong with my head?
Aren't we just supposed to be friends?

But the butterflies I get when he's around,
And the tingle I get when he makes "that" sound.

Tells me that I have fallen and fallen deep,
For a guy I've been waiting for and wanting to keep.

So what should I do?  Tell him how I feel?
I smile thinking, "then fantasy would become real".

But what if he only has feelings for another,
And just thinking of me, he won't even bother.

Tonight at the party I HAVE to know the truth
Around him I'll be more flirty, more clingy, and a goof.

Playfully flirting and innocent glances,
I think of more ways to make my advances.

It's midnight and I'm getting shy but still flirty,
I keep trying to cling to him and look purty.

Oh no, it's now one! I have to leave in an hour.
I'll try to do everything to get him in my power.

He gives me quivers, just standing there so cute and so sweet,
So I bite my lip and rock back and forth on my feet.

Just inhale and exhale and feel the fear,
Two o-clock is edging near.

Finally I get him alone and outside,
No longer these feelings I can hide.

I shyly bite my lip, and lower my glance,
I come to terms that this is my last chance.

The words fumble off my lips in a quiet hush,
You're the one I want, my secret crush.

It lit up my soul to see his lips curl,
A smile so big,  and teeth so pearl.

At the same time we ask this question so shy
For a simple kiss good-bye.

The moment I've waited for, for a long time
Was a real moment that I could finally claim as mine.

I wanted to drop to my knees and cry,
If this was my death, it would be the happiest death to die!

- Shauna


Witch Hunt

Tears flowing from my eyes,
Silent screams of mercy.
They rip at my flesh,
Obviously sadists,
They peal it away from my bones.
The searing pain crying out
In my arm, screaming,
No remorse.
Thrown to a cross,
Pounding stakes through my limbs,
My heat cries out, the blood flows
They show no mercy.
Such hatred, so much hate.
Before my very eyes,
A flash of orange, a wave of heat.
My flesh  tearing at the stake,
Fighting to tear away from the evil cross.
The heat, so much heat.
The high pitch laughing and crackling
Of the enflamed logs
Creeps closer and closer.
The pain, so much pain.
Chewing the gag right off I scream,
"Do you show no mercy?
Do you thrive off my pain?
To hell with you all!"
The flames swallow me ,
The pain is no more
The Crucifires watch with cold stares,
Turn their backs, and walk away.

- Shauna


Her Love

She loved life,
Life for her was love.
Longing to be free,
To sore with the dove.

Through all her years,
The love has died.
She lay trembling on her bed,
She weeped, sobbed and cried.

Holding onto the moment,
When they first kissed.
So tender, so sweet,
He'll be greatly missed.

The hurt was so great,
It ripped at her heart,
Clawing and ripping,
Tearing it apart.

She grabbed at her hair,
Pulling it out,
Franticly sobbing
She cried with a shout.

"Why me? WHY ME?!?!
She yelled to the sky,
Why did it happen to him?
Why did he die?

She wiped the tears
From her red swollen eyes,
Saw the gleam of a blade
To her delightful surprise.

She picked it up carefully,
As said with a pout,
If I can't live life with my love,
Then death is the way out.

Slaying her wrists,
She slumped to the floor,
Hurtful, but happy
Watching the blood pour.

As her life fades she thinks,
With my love I'll be.
Life isn't worth it,
If I'm not with he.

- Shauna


Playing God

Why am I here?
Tied to this chair
Looking away 
From his evil stare.

A tear rolls down my face
For I hate
They play god
And with what he create

Running the cold steel
Over my throbbing chest
Smiling, threatening
To cut off a breast.

I close my eyes
Picturing the knife
How dare they play
With my precious life.

Over my neck
Firmly pressing on the blade
Screaming loudly inside
My life slowly fade.

The hurt, the pain
I scream even louder
The more I scream,
The more they are sounder.

The blood drip down
Flooding the floor
I drown in denial
The coldness, the horror.

Floating away
Dancing in the sky
Drifting among clouds
Souring even more high

When my children sleep
And clutch their pillows tight
I cradle their heads
And kiss them goodnight
Goodnight forever
I'll miss all of you so very dear
I'll be your angle in heaven
And watch you always from here

- Shauna


What Is Life?

What is like?
Is it the same for me
As it is for you?
What would it be like
To be you?
So careless and swift.
What do you think
Of life?
You live your life
By the minute
Death passes you by 
And by and by
Do you feel a cruel
Deep, sore-filled hurt
As do I?
Twisting and churning
With rage
I hate
Do you know how to feel?
To bottle up emotions 
And not cry?
That is pain
You are lucky
Even though you look
Into deaths evil face
Day in and day out
You are still graceful
How lucky to be a fly
I think twice
Swat you
And watch you die.

- Shauna


Strange Minds

Walking lines, thick and thin
It's all the same
Nothings changes, more or less
Same people, same values
Same insanity
Without insanity
It would be insanely boring.
Even that is insane
Sanity…who defines sanity?
What is insane to some
Is completely sane to another
Sacrifice your soul
Sell it to the world
And let the world eat you up
Nothings changed, more or less
Live and what's life?
Life is simply a soul
Rented to you 
Until your time is up
And it returns to the heavens
From which it came
The clock is ticking
Tick, tock, tick
Life is here 
Then it's gone
Crashing waves
Hit the boat of sanity
And I'm sea sick.

- Shauna



Sometimes I think it's weird
I'm curious and I'm thinking how
our lives are never normal
They pass on by, I don't know why
I see the odd, I see the strange
The order of life will never change.

Why oh why will life never be
something less curious, I just can't believe
It's like it's not there
Even though its so real, It could never hide
Its true meaning, hidden closely inside.

The meaning is close enough to see
What it is, What it's supposed to be
It's easy to trust but its hard to explain
There in reach, never out of touch

Honesty, pain and unknown truths
All of these, It does give
Please believe, search and find
To get the meaning look deep inside.

Why oh why will life never be
Something less curious, I just can't believe
It's like it's not there
Even though its so real, It could never hide
Its true meaning, hidden closely inside.

I truly wish I could express
My feelings for life to it's very best
To find the meaning, to hold it near
To come to truth, the purpose I need
For right now, I guess that I'll not see
The aim of life, It's unknown to me.

It's there for you, Faithful and true
I only wish life could be good
If it could explain, would you listen
For the story which life could tell
about your purpose in all respects
Love and hate life and death
Would you give a chance or would you wait
to find your meaning to find your fate
Cause the only change It has for you
is that you realize what is there to do.

Why oh why will life never be
something less curious, I just can't believe
It's like it's not there
Even though its so real, It could never hide
Its true meaning, hidden closely inside.

I truly wish I could express
My feelings for life to it's very best
To find the meaning, to hold it near
To come to truth, the purpose I need
For right now, I guess that I'll not see
The aim of life, It's unknown to me.

So don't forget
It'll show you yet,
The meaning of eternity
And what it means to be.

- Chad


An Undying Love

My heart was always empty like a bottomless pit..
nothing on the road of life, just a strait path, even
though my heart was supposed to be full of love for
the girls in the past, it was not... no end to the
pit, that is untill i met you... and suddenly i could
see there was more to the road than i had seen
before... my heart was no longer empty... that there
was indeed a end to the pit... in fact the pit was
not deep at all... just that the wrong kind of love
never could fill it... now that i know you and love
you.. i know of a pure love... true and undying and
unconditional. You were all i ever needed in my
life... it just took patience and searching to find
you... Laurie, my one true love.. that i will forever
love till the end of time with all my heart and soul.
I love you my beautiful angel.

- Kiley


The One

From the moment I was born I began searching for you, not

knowing how blind I was.

Lovers dont just meet by chance, they are in each other all along.

- Symbiosis


My Baby

Her beautiful blond hair
Her dark green eyes
What is it with her
I simply cannot despise

She is incredible to me 
In so many ways
If only she could be here
We could spend more days

If you would be with me 
Till the end of time 
I deeply believe
It is not a crime

The effort you make 
Is not needed
I am not there to take
And will not be cheated

I am always there for you
If you feel the same
I will be sure
To keep it true

- Luv Anonymous


Forbidden One

When I look at you
I want to smile
Oh, how I wish you
could stay awhile.
You're something I want
but can never have
Oh you smell so good
You drive me mad.
How can I resist you
so sweet and smooth
With every taste
How you gently soothe.
What a sin it is
to have you near
But my love,
never fear.
For you shall never know
what my feelings are
I shall merely admire you
from afar.
I know your life's full
and we'll always be apart
But sweet love,
You'll always have my heart.

- Chad


~!*The Playa*!~

He'll meet you and sweep you off your feet;
He's   nice & he's funny,so cute & so sweet.
Surpisingly, he's likes the   same things as you;
He does all the things that you love to do.
He's the   perfect guy, the one of your dreams;
you belong together, or so it   seems.
He looks in your eyes & plays w/ your hair;
He tells you that   he'll always be there.
His touch is so soft, he's holds are so tight;
His   words are so soothing, his kiss is just right.
You ditch all your friends for   your new obsession;
You don't even relize your furture is full of   depression.
You think that you love him, you give him your heart;
Little   do you know that he'll tear it apart.
You do what he wants, you know it's not   good;
You told him to slow down, & you think he understood.
You let it   slide by, he's just having fun;
You'll learn to like it as time goes   by.
He's taken your heart and locked it away;
And you see him with a   different girl the next day.
You cry & you grieve, but then you   forgive;
He won't do it again as long as he lives.
At this point you've   fallen into his trap;
He has all control when you're in his lap.
You   believe he's sorry,you're together again;
You give him another chance, he's   your new best friend.
You're right were he wants you, he molds you like   clay;
And you see him w/ girl number 3 the next day.
He got what he   wanted, accomplished his goal;
He still has your heart which he evilly   stole.
He's taken you're purity, you still can't believe;
You feel hurt   & cheap & extremly naive.
You know he's an ass, but you still want   him back;
And you grieve about all the qualities that you lack.
All you   wanted was to have some fun;
Now you wish this whole thing had never   begun.
You wish that one day you'll se him cry;
That one day he'll feel   what you felt when he killed you inside;
But you know that he won't; he's to   numb to pain;
He'll be w/ some girl while you cry & complain.
Beware   of the players, they'll steal your heart;
And they'll give it back once it's   torn apart.
Don't let them suk you into their game;
Cause once you lose,   you're never the same. 
(cute huh? dedicated to my friend keni her x witch remain nameless)

- Keni Cooke
My Side

at first it was great   
we talked all the time  
and stayed on the phone late.    

we hung out alot during summer  
but when we got back to school  
that was a bummer.    

rumors started to fly  
they went around and passed you by.    

all that shit that i was messing with another guy  
those were a bunch of fucking lies.    

i cant believe you didnt trust me   
after all we've been through  
i dont believe what other people say  
cause all i want is to be with you.    

my own friends said shit   
maybe they told the truth a little bit.    

but they made it seem alot worse   
fuck this shit lets go back to the source.   

so what happened to us that day?  
what did i do to make you feel that way?     

so hey whats up what else can i say?  
i still love you anyway.    

this is my side of the story  
the side you'll never know  
even if youd heard it  
they'd still call  me a hoe.    

so fuck your friends  
and fuck mine too  
cause the only thing i ever did  
was love you! 
- Sofia


I Still Love You! 

i dont know what to do anymore  
i feel like walking out earths door.  
i go to school and put on an act  
but i still love you and thats a fact.  
inside i feel like i'm dieing  
since we broke up i cant stop crying.  
when we were together  
you had alot of lies to say   
but now that i know the truth   
i love you anyway.  
and as much as you think that i lied too  
i never lied  
cause i didnt want to hurt you.  
i dont know why i cant get you out of my head  
my friends said i should just move on instead.  
they say you've had no problem getting over me  
so why do i love a guy who doesnt love me?  
but they dont know how you made me feel  
i thought your love for me was trully real.  
you're the only guy i could talk to  
and now everything just suxxx without you.  
i watch you with other girls and wish it were me  
but i know that you probably dont want that to be.  
so every night i'll cry my heart out for you  
and in the morning i'll try not to look blue.  
i would do any thing to be with you again  
and it hurts so bad to know that you only want to be friends.  
but my heart will always belong to you  
and i'll be your sofie forever  
and only yours true.

- Sofia



For all the nights I've cried,  
for all the nights I've tried,  
for all the times you did'nt care,  
for all the times you didn'nt dare,  
for all the days we did'nt meet,  
for all the days we did'nt seethe,  
for all of that I need to say:  
you just need to go away...

- Mayna



All arund you is hurt and pain,  
Sin coveres your heart as if it were a stain,  
Making you feel worthless and plain,  
Consuming your mind with lies and shame,  
Making your mind go astray an you insane,  
But if in your heart Christ you obtain,  
And you can fell freedom through every last vein.  
So I pray and rejoice with his love,  
Because you're his daughter he has set you above,  
You now can fly and be free like a dove,  
Drugs, alcohol, other people you canraise above  
Because you're the one that Christ beloves.

- Kristin