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I decided to create this website in order to help anyone interested in creating a web log, also known as a blog.  I started a blog using Google’s, formerly known as  It’s really easy to set up, post to, and edit/customize to your taste. 


On this page I’ve created, you’ll find links that I’ve found useful while creating and maintaining my blog.  I’ve noted the services that I use with a C symbol.  Let me know if you have any links you’d suggest or have found helpful that aren’t included!       ~Casey

Google’s Blogger  C


Live Journal


Word Press


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Professional Blog Host Sites



Type Pad


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Free Photo Storage



Google’s Picasa  C

{limited to 1GB: limit ?MB/picture}



{limited to 100MB/month: limit 5MB/picture}



{limited to 1GB: limit 1MB/picture}




{limited to 1GB: limit ?MB/picture}



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Free File Sharing



Customizing Your Blogger Site

4 Shared  C

{limited to 5GB: limit 100MB/file}


Old Wisdom, New Lessons

{Tips for editing the html code of your template}

HTML Color Code Chart

{HEX codes for changing colors in your template}

3-Column Format Code

{Tips for changing to a 3-column template}


Angelfire  C

{limited to 20MB}


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Free Hit Counters/Statistics



Stat Counter  C


Google’s Analytics



Site Meter


Blogger Help Websites & Blogs

Blog Patrol 





Blogging 101

Blog Counter


Tips for New Bloggers

Free Stats


Tricks for New Bloggers

Easy Hit Counters



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Free Clocks/Calendars



w Tip:  Create a feed link to by adding /atom.xml at the end of the blog’s home-page URL for RSS feeds

Clock Link  C


w Tip:  You can email entries to Blogger. The subject of email is the title, and the body of email is the blog content. Send to the special address in the Mail-to-Blogger-Address box.

Widget Box


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Free Music Players



w Tip:  You can add audio blogging in .mp3 format to your blog such as the one provided by Audio

Last FM  C



Project Playlist


Custom Blog Designs

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infinet designs

Free Feed Burner




Google’s Feedburner  C