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Make Your Own Sewing Sample Book!

Right-click copy these pages into your word-processing program and print them out for your own sewing sample and information book! More pages to follow as fast as I can get them in here! Use your browser's back button to return here.

Sample Pages
Title Page My Sewing Sample Book
Pg. 1 Fabrics and Their Pronunciations
Pg. 2 Sewing Machine Problems and Solutions
Pg. 3 Needles
Pg. 4 Bobbins
Pg. 5 Laundry Symbols
Pg. 6 Standard Household Measurements
Pg. 7 Avoid Making These Mistakes
Pg. 8 Fabrics and Blends
Pg. 9 About My Machine
Pg. 10 What to look for in a New Sewing Machine
Pg. 11 Sample Stitches Page:
(print as many of these as you want to add to your book, use them to make samples of your machine's stitches and settings; attach samples in spaces indicated)
Pg. 12 What to look for in a New Serger
Pg. 13
Pg. 14
Pg. 15
Pg. 16
Pg. 17
Pg. 18
Pg. 19
Pg. 20

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