Words/Phrases DEFINED: 'quanta'. Father Jerome's SPECIALIZED DICTIONARY of KEYWORDS/PHRASES pertaining to Bose-Einstein Condensates of Non-Matter and Incorporeality, as used in his Works, in QUFD Physics and in the 'QUFD Textbook' Website, at http://go.to/QUFD

Words/Phrases DEFINED:
Father Jerome's SPECIALIZED DICTIONARY of KEYWORDS/PHRASES pertaining to Bose-Einstein Condensates of Non-Matter and Incorporeality, as used in his Works, in QUFD Physics and in the 'QUFD Textbook' Website, at http://go.to/QUFD

The GENERAL CONTEXT of such use is:
In order to fully define this term, I am merely going to quote here the exact text from the QUFD Formulation on the Website:
    QUANTA - Ordered, Chaotic and Refreshed

  1. Okay, let me DEFINE, as one last definition for this major DEFINITIONS section, the term QUANTA. QUANTA is a quantity, of ANYTHING! Being as what we have been talking about herein this Formulation has primarily been condensate-field ground-states, we can say that the "quanta", of these ground-states, are the forces, fields and particulates which comprise these ground-states. So, keeping in mind that quanta refers to these just-mentioned components thereof, let's review a few other characteristics of a ground-state.

  2. In the preceding section, we talked about how self-ordering of a ground-state produces output-fitness-peaks, criticality, perturbations and such. And we noted that our fitness landscape ranged from simple, or static, order on one side (of criticality) to chaos on the other side of that peak. So now, as a means of bringing all of these "dynamics" of a ground-state operation to a realistic summary, let's look at some CORPOREAL results OF these "dynamics", by "putting-a-human-face" on these "dynamics".

  3. I've also noted previously that one of the defining characteristics of our "dynamics", as to HOW and WHY the output "decisions" of our ground-state are made (and the fitness-peak-perturbations are reached), is PURPOSE. When there is PURPOSE, in the LIFE of a human being, AND the ground-state which does create and continually manage/supervise that Life, THEN those fitness-peak decisions WILL ACCOMPLISH something, in that corporeal Life, whether of relative importance or not!

  4. Now, to put even more of a "human face" on our discussion here, I think I can say we all have known someone who, when all is "falling apart", or one's world is in a shambles (or IS a CONSTANT shambles, or "lack thereof", such basic necessities of life, as one nominally needs, which is, of course, the "reality" of Life for millions of humanity throughout our world today, whether in East Timor, Kosovo, Palestine, Rwanda, Ethiopia, or the slums of Chicago, Los Angeles, Moscow, Mexico City, or ANY city of our modern world!)......In such situations, we all have known someone who could CARRY ON, and "live" their Life, and DO, that which needed to be done, REGARDLESS OF the "mess" in their lives, or the shambles of their mïlieu. THAT IS PURPOSE!

  5. When one's PURPOSE is STRONG, it does not matter how much "chaos" is around such a one - THEIR "fitness-peak" WILL OCCUR, and the output-decisions WILL BE MADE! What is happening here, of course, is that this person's ground-state "dynamics" are operating IN, or ON, the CHAOS SIDE (more so) of our fitness-point-of-criticality. Actually, the point of criticality IS OCCURING deeply WITHIN the chaos "region" of our ground-state, far removed from the simple, static order end of our spectrum (which, in this case, WOULD BE "stagnant", and confining, to this person's reality!) In this case, the chaos IS THE CHALLENGE OF LIFE, which, for many of us, is the "beauty of Life!" Of course, here we have the "raison de 'être" FOR such a living-of-life AT one's "peak of fitness" - PURPOSE! When purpose prevails (FROM, and OF, WHATEVER our "inputs" may be!), one CAN, of course, "carry on", and "live" their Life, AS IT WAS SO INTENDED TO BE LIVED (which is "destiny" - see Father Jerome's DICTIONARY for the listings "destiny...(et al)"), regardless of the disadvantages, inadequacies, and the lack thereof, whatever anyone else might consider the true and proper "requirements" of a Life!

  6. Now, of course, all you philosophers, psychologists, physicists, etc. out there, can see the implications herein, with regard to the "texts of humanity" over the ages! (And I am NOT going to even attempt to "reference" such - which, where I come from, is NOT how one "qualifies" for their Doctoral degree - for I just don't "know" - in my self's "memory banks" - such "specifics", to even attempt a "bibliography" or footnotes of such notable "citations" - which is just another means of Satan's influences, where one "references" OTHERS, for THEIR "knowledge", rather than looking within ONESELF, for the TRUE KNOWING of whatever the concern may be. But, I do KNOW it is such, because my KNOWING, from all of my INCORPOREAL "sources" of consciousness, tells me it is "so", whether such "sources" be the Hall of Records OR THE COLLECTIVE itself!) ANYWAY, the point is, OUT OF CHAOS, comes the "order", and the "purpose", of our lives (AND, as some might say, even our own consciousness, our "Essence", of that which we are!) From various "religious" and Spiritual perspectives, matter and form "appear" from chaos, from the great "Void" (the "Noumenon"), which is the "repository", and source, of All That Is! INCORPOREALITY (Spirit) BEGETS CORPOREALITY (the physical world)!

  7. WELL, heck, IT IS TRUE! ALL of our "inputs"......AND all of our "possibilities" - our QUANTUM "possibilities" - are RIGHT THERE, in the CHAOS OF that ground-state which IS US - each and every one, and ALL, of us! BECAUSE, the very nature OF that ground-state IS the condensate-field OF which it IS! And what have I said, in definition OF a condensate-field ground-state??? If you refer back, herein this Formulation, you will see that I have noted that ALL quantum probabilities/possibilities, of the PAST, the PRESENT, AND the FUTURE, are inherent IN that SPIRIT - the SPIRITUAL REALITY - the particulate nature, the "Essence", OF those quantum axion particles, which comprise our ground-state of consciousness, and FROM WHICH (in and by the "outputs" thereof), does ALL "Life", and substance, and Purpose, etc., etc. - COME FROM!

  8. Okay, enough Philosophy. Going on, on the opposite side of our coin (the one with a human face), we have the opposite situation. Those persons, those people, WHO ARE LOST, in that chaos of their lives and their ground-states (HEY! THIS is what Ground-State Doctors/Physicians ARE FOR! WHERE are they?) - NO MATTER HOW MUCH "assistance" they might receive, from others and from society, and from those relief organizations and missions TO such people throughout the world. The reality of their lives is that their "inputs", in that ground-state of Spirit, of INCORPOREALITY, which is the reality OF THEIR CORPOREAL "lives", ARE TOO MUCH - too great, in whatever way or ways - for the very "Essence", the nature OF their Spirituality, the basic "state" OF their ground-state, that state of (simple) order, to "equalize", or to create a fitness-peak, FROM all of that chaotic-distribution which does pervade their fitness landscapes. SUCH PEOPLE are NOT "making it"! Their "lives" are a disaster (or, at least, going nowhere!) For these people, there is NO PURPOSE!

  9. WHY? Well, IF it (the reasons for such) - is not of their own doing (meaning, possibly, of their genetic nature and/or otherwise), THEN, the most obvious other reason, for such disruption of so many lives (and this DOES PERTAIN to much of humanity - our human face) - IS THE NEGATIVITY OF that Veil of Separation/Unknowing, of Lucifer, which does so pervade ALL our lives, in one way or another! THAT negativity - those negative quantum axion particles - AS they do so contribute TO, and enforce, or re-enforce, the chaotic nature OF our ground-states, is what has many of us NOT living our lives as we would so wish such to be! And the only solution, to such negative "incursioning" into our lives - IS to eliminate such in the first place! THEN, the balance, in the very nature of our ground-state - our INCORPOREAL, SPIRITUAL ground-state - of order versus chaos, will be MORE SO able TO achieve such fitness-peaks, of necessity AND of Life, as we do deem necessary TO our very existence, and as we do CREATE OURSELVES - NOT at someone else's "instigation", or "vested interest", or benefit, but that does so benefit OURSELVES, from and by our own creation (OF those fitness-peaks), which does THEN so enable us to GIVE UNTO OTHERS, AS we can NATURALLY DO SO, that which such other individuals do so need, AS DETERMINED BY THEMSELVES! See my Research report, "An Evolutionary Maturity of the Human Mind", in the section describing the "jig-saw puzzle".

  10. Okay, I'm waxing philosophical again. Getting back to our ground-state with a human face, there IS one other way, to re-balance the order-versus-chaos situation within our ground-state (for those in which chaos has gotten the upper hand). And even though I promised elsewhere in this Formulation that I would NOT divulge too much from my E-book, "KNOWING: The Quantum Physics of Consciousness, Life & Reality!", including certain info regarding the "refresh" process, I now find that I WILL have to cover certain aspects of such, in order to adequately finish this section.

  11. Infinite Consciousness (God) HAS GIVEN US the means to "re-adjust", re-balance, the order-versus-chaos disparities within our ground-states and our lives (whether our "lives" be our individual lives, our societies, OR our WORLD!) THERE IS a means of balancing our ground-state's Spiritual nature, when chaos has taken command, and we have lost our "composure", our "nerves", and our Souls (as it may be), TO those "excesses-of-input", which do constitute the very nature of chaos, as to the quantum axion particles which comprise our ground-state of consciousness. AND MAKE NO MISTAKE HERE! Those "excesses-of-input" MAY very well be the NORMAL challenges and opportunities of our lives, in which case such excess is just fine (especially for one of mature mind). BUT, for most of us (of immature mind), such excesses ARE A RESULT OF Lucifer's NEGATIVITY - those "fingers" of his negativity - that Veil of Separation/Unknowing, which is affecting, and distorting, EVERYTHING that we do!

  12. Okay, getting back to God's means of re-balancing our lives, it is called a TRANSFER OF QUANTA. What Infinite Consciousness (God) has made possible, for all of humanity, is the "transfer" OF positive quanta, FROM OUR order-side - the simple-ordered-side nature of our own ground-state, TO the chaos-side OF our own ground-state, WITHOUT reducing, or eliminating, all of those myriad "inputs" of our lives (AND our chaos!), which, after all, IS "our individual Life", AS we MAY have "created" it! SO, without "reducing" the complexities of our lives, God has now enabled us to RE-BALANCE our lives (our ground-state), BUT, at a HIGHER LEVEL of complexity - a level more "in tune" with that which we are! In other words, instead of experiencing the chaos which prevails at that LOWER LEVEL of complexity (which is not really "us", but which has just "gotten out of hand", DUE TO A LACK OF INTEGRATION of all your "inputs", resulting in chaos), by "transferring" some quanta from the order-side TO the chaos-side, we can NOW, AT a HIGHER LEVEL of complexity, BALANCE our "inputs" AND achieve those fitness-peak outputs which are so necessary to the living of our lives. Actually, what has happened, is that we have, in reality, SIMPLIFIED our lives, BUT AT A HIGHER LEVEL, which now allows us to go on and to achieve fitness-peaks of fulfillment AT HIGHER LEVELS YET!

  13. So, HOW do we "transfer" quanta, from order to chaos (and thusly re-order that chaos)? Well, God (Christ) has told us to "LOVE ONE ANOTHER, as I have Loved You!" The answer is LOVE, and the SEXUAL ACT of that Love, not only for the individual, but for all of humanity! And I am NOT going to detail the "dynamics" of the sexual act here, but I DO extensively in my E-book, so if you want the details, READ THE BOOK!

  14. Anyway, there is one additional problem involved here, in order to re-balance our ground-state by the transfer of quanta. And that problem is THAT WE CANNOT DO IT OURSELVES! It is our own ground-state which is out of balance (for whatever reasons), and IF we COULD rebalance our own ground-state, would we not do so? (Of course, this is NOT to say that some persons might so accomplish such, or the equivalent of such, BY REDUCING the level of chaos in their lives, allowing such folks to effectively manage their lives again, yet, surely AT THE SAME LEVEL as before! If it works, such may be acceptable for some folks, but this is really a SUBSTITUTE for the "real thing" and it does NOT rebalance one's Life at a higher level!)

  15. SO, the requirement IS, as God has so intended, that we "effect" the necessary quanta "transfer" BY engaging in the sexual act of Love WITH another - one who can TRIGGER the RELEASE OF that quanta to be "transferred"! And, of course, this "requirement" DOES require LOVE, as God has so intended, to be the impetus OF the quanta transfer, because WITHOUT LOVE, engaging in a sexual act, DOES NOT transfer quanta OR rebalance one's ground-state. (I will not go into a further description here of the sexual act, but will merely say that, by whatever sexual means, IF done IN LOVE, quanta WILL BE transferred!)

  16. NOW, one other requirement is necessary here, and that is a CORPOREAL-INCORPOREAL "transfer-point", for the quanta to be transferred. Well, God has made such to be, as well! IN the sexual act of Love, WHEN the orgasmic-climaxic "point" is reached, consciousness REACHES OUT, and extends itself, FROM the ground-states OF the two individuals, TO the genitalia regions, thusly providing a CONDUIT, or channel, FOR that quanta transfer! The necessary quanta "charge", for one individual, is "received" from the other individual, and the other individual, likewise, receives a corresponding quanta "charge" in return. (Okay, so this is called a mutual orgasm! In fact, just like in a car battery, the external battery charger actually equalizes, and transfers "quanta", from one side or region of the depleted cells of that individual battery to the other side or region, in effect "charging", and re-charging, those depleted regions, AS ENABLED BY the input-potential OF or FROM the external source - the battery charger.) In both parties, in the individuals, the quanta "charge" travels FROM the genitalia region, upward through the ganglionic and spinal-cord regions and then across the ground-state of the brain (the mind, of course, encompasses ALL these regions), REFRESHING the entire ground-state OF THE ENTIRE INDIVIDUAL LOCAL MIND, "sweeping across" the length and breadth of these expanses of one's ground-state, "wiping away the cobwebs" (as it might be said) and rebalancing the levels of order and chaos within the entire ground-state. THIS is the REFRESH PROCESS.

  17. And make no mistake here, and do not confuse CORPOREALITY with INCORPOREALITY, because, even though I am saying that the "refresh" process SWEEPS across the ganglia, spinal cord and brain, IT IS THE INCORPOREAL MIND which is being "refreshed" - your ground-state - that is being balanced and recharged. Because what is happening here is a REVERSE of what normally happens between brain and mind (with the mind, normally providing "supervisory" output, NOW "receiving" re-ordering INPUT).

  18. REMEMBER those glial cells that we defined and described the dynamics of earlier? IT IS those glial cells THAT ARE "TRANSPORTING" that refresh "charge" OF QUANTUM CONSCIOUSNESS, from the genitalia TO the brain, up the spinal cord! And as the "charge" passes from the genitalia to the first glia of the ganglia, and then from there up through all the glia of the spinal cord, and finally sweeping across each and every glia of the brain, it is that INTERFACE, between brain and mind, the GLIA, which are CARRYING that "refresh" charge (NOT corporeally, but INCORPOREALLY, from one glial nucleus to another).

  19. And since the glia, each and every one of them, IS the "basis" OF each and every INPUT TO that ground-state, which is being "oversupplied" WITH INPUTS, and thusly going into chaos......SO, each and every glial cell is "charged" and then, in turn, "recharges" ITS OWN AREA OF INCORPOREAL RESPONSIBILITY, on that fitness-landscape of your individual mind's ground-state of consciousness.

  20. THUSLY, the entire local mind is REFRESHED, with each and every "attribute" area OF that entire fitness-landscape, being rebalanced, and a new LEVEL of order versus chaos being established.

  21. I might mention, additionally, that this "refresh" process has had numerous "interpretations" throughout history, in describing what actually happens, depending on one's particular religious orientation. For the Hindus, it is "Prana" rising through the "chakras", to open the "Third Eye" at the forehead, leading to Enlightenment (and, Hey, don't we all feel "enlightened", and REALLY able to "see" the clarity of the answers or whatever we have been "seeking", AFTER the "cobwebs are cleared away"?) Other religions have had various other interpretations. Many people, of course, can "see" the quanta "charge", when it reaches the upper (brain) regions and, in sweeping across the brain, "activates" a neural response thereto in the ocular region, "firing off" the visual "explosion" of bright lights, which one might so perceive (the "opening" of the Third Eye?). However, and by whatever means, many people DO "experience" the instantaneous effects OF that quanta transfer and, of course, the desired after-effects, of the balancing of one's ground-state of consciousness.

  22. SO, such is the REFRESH PROCESS, which enables one's ground-state to be "equalized" or balanced, enabling one to re-charge their lives, when that individual ground-state has "deteriorated", for whatever reasons, from order to chaos. (Actually, there is ALSO a nominal "decay" of one's ground-state, over a pro-longed period of time, due to the old-fashioned "classical" Newtonian mechanism of ENTROPY, which I will NOT go into here.) For further info on this process, as I have said, "Read the book!"
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