Words/Phrases DEFINED: 'familial dynamics on a landscape'. Father Jerome's SPECIALIZED DICTIONARY of KEYWORDS/PHRASES pertaining to Bose-Einstein Condensates of Non-Matter and Incorporeality, as used in his Works, in QUFD Physics and in the 'QUFD Textbook' Website, at http://go.to/QUFD

Words/Phrases DEFINED:
"familial dynamics on a landscape"
Father Jerome's SPECIALIZED DICTIONARY of KEYWORDS/PHRASES pertaining to Bose-Einstein Condensates of Non-Matter and Incorporeality, as used in his Works, in QUFD Physics and in the 'QUFD Textbook' Website, at http://go.to/QUFD

"familial dynamics on a landscape"
The GENERAL CONTEXT of such use is:
familial dynamics on a landscape:
In that a Landscape of the Mind, on the Ground-State of an Incorporeal Condensate, may have any number of instantaneous 'dynamics' that might 'relate', in some familial way, to other 'dynamics' thereupon, such similarly-resident 'attributes' of a Landscape are usually near or relative to each other in some way.

In that I am not a professional 'Doctor-of-the-Mind', let me merely copy here my appropriate statement regarding such from my Book (as noted at the bottom of this page):

140. As I've said, the previous Listings are merely that - Listings of 'Possibilities', 'Probabilities' and most any other 'characteristic' of the human 'entity', that one might find somewhere across the spectrum of human Life, emotion and reality, etc. And ALL or ANY of such 'attributes', might be found as 'inputs' TO the 'dynamics' OF our condensate of Incorporeality, Consciousness and Mind, in 'creating' the Landscapes of the Mind, that I will be examining here next.

141. I'm going to start here with the 'attribute' of Phylogenetic Echoes, or hereditary 'attributes', because it will show that, even though there is NO Time and Space within a condensate of Incorporeality, the instantaneous actions of the 'dynamics' and the 'inputs' that are being 'processed', can seemingly 'create' the illusion of Time and Space! This is why these 'processes' are called the Landscapes of the Mind, because, although everything within these 'processes' is 'dynamically' happening instantaneously, THERE IS A 'PERSISTENCE', from Moment-to-Moment, of some of these 'dynamics, and the 'dynamics-action' upon an 'input' of Phylogenetic Echoes is one of them!

142. It is actually the Phylogenetic 'input' that 'persists' from moment-to-moment, creating an illusion of Time and Space, where one instantaneous Moment might be the equivalent of 1000's of years of Time and Space! All of these moment-to-moment 'persistences' (until 'processing' has been completed!) can tend to create hills and mountains and valleys, upon the Ground-State of our condensate, which is what is called the Landscapes of the Mind!

143. Before I go on here, let me make a further 'distinction'. As I have just pointed out with regard to Phylogenetic Echoes, ANY AND ALL 'inputs' actually 'contribute' TO the Landscapes of the Mind, BEFORE such an 'input' has been 'processed' by the 'dynamics' of that condensate's Ground-State! Actually, the varying Landscape (from moment-to-moment!) ALSO reflects the instantaneous 'status' OF the 'processing', such that any morphogenetic 'feature' of the instantaneous 'Landscape', might just be the 'interim status' of all such 'inputs' AT THAT PARTICULAR stage or point of the 'processing'! Also, certain morphogenetic 'features' might be 'left-over' from the last 'processing-batch', and merely awaiting the next, or a forth-coming specific 'processing-batch'! Of course, again, all of these 'processing-batches', of the 'dynamics' of our Ground-State, are occurring so instantaneously, that a 'valley' or a 'hill' on our Landscape of the Mind, might be there one instant and gone the next!

144. What this actually means, for our Next-Generation 'Ground-States Analysis Physicians' (i.e., Physicians-of-the-Mind!), is that they will require the use of quite sophisticated 'Mental-Examination' oscilloscopes whereby the equipment will be able to 'slow-things-down-enough', so that our Good Doctor will finally be able to 'see' those instantaneous hills, valleys, ridges and mountains, OF those Landscapes of the Mind, so that he/she will be able to properly 'diagnose' any possible aberrant condition of the Mind!

145. Okay, let's 'dig-in' here a bit more, in trying to actually 'see' the actual Landscape of the Mind! Remember, everything is instantaneous, so one moment... and the next... Okay, tell you what! Let's just look at these Landscapes of the Mind as though we have ALL the Time in the World!

146. First of all, our Phylogenetic 'inputs' (from Uncle Ted and Aunt Virginia!) are causing quite a 'hill-of-beans' over there on the left of our Landscape! But, it seems that there is some 'abnormality' to their 'input' that we didn't notice before! There is a quite sizable 'mountain' in the midst of their 'hill-of-beans', which also has a quite large and nice 'Alpine Valley' down the middle of the leading slope of that mountain! Well, upon further 'analysis', by our Doctors-of-the-Mind (and some 'historical facts' from 'way-back-when', obtained from the Collective Consciousness of humanity!), it seems that our ancestors, of many aeons back, actually made significant 'contributions' to the Life and Society OF an earlier-civilization OF this Earth (as evidenced by the mountain!), AND their 'contribution' was so 'significant' that that civilization and Society 'accorded' those relatives the respect of the entire civilization, providing them with their own lush, green 'Living Valley' as their home and hereditary 'lands'! This is what is just now 'showing up' in the Landscape of our Mind, as a Phylogenetic Echo! And the important thing IS, that that big Mountain (and 'Alpine Valley'!), is going to affect almost everything we do today, because OF that Phylogenetic Echo! (I'll add one more thought here, regarding Phylogenetic Echoes and their 'influences' upon the Present! The 'possibility' that I just mentioned herein previously, might be construed as a Positive 'influence' upon the Present, but there is certainly the 'probability' that such a 'possibility' might, instead, have been a Negative 'influence', in whatever form or manner!)

147. Okay, let's try to look at some other 'features' of our Landscape of the Mind! Let's 'see'... back there, on the left, off-the-right-side of your ancestor's Mountain, is a slightly-elevated-plateau with a short expanse of ragged and jagged 'countryside'! Let's 'see' what the Good Doctor makes of that!

148. Well, it seems our Doctor feels that that particular plateau, being right next to your ancestor's mountain, are both located in the region of your Landscape that mostly has to do with How you Approach Things and the World! Your ancestors have given you a Respect for Nature and the Lands and Properties of Nature, which is, apparently expressed today, as a quite 'jagged' Caution and Conservatism, regarding Nature and what Nature has already 'Given' to you in this World of today! This seems to be a part of your Genetic Code!

149. Moving on here, over there on the right of your Landscape, is the area where you express your Style and Character in the world, and it looks like a nice Texas ranch, which seems to also go with that Cowboy Hat and attitude that you are wearing!

150. Okay now, getting a bit more personal, toward the rear over there on the right, is quite a long but low ridge, running along the backside of your Texas ranch! What does the Doctor make of that?

151. Well, he says that is your area of Perceptions and Opinions, and he seems to feel that you have quite a few strong and conservative 'opinions', regarding people, Society, government and the World!

152. Well, next we have noticed quite a number of hills, of various sizes and shapes, scattered across the foreground and center background of your Landscape! Okay, the Doc says not to worry, as those various 'hills' are merely Thoughts that are related to the areas of concern within which they are appearing on the Landscape!

153. One of those 'hills' is quite high and it is right in the middle of your Landscape. What does that mean? Okay, the Doc says that is usually the area for the Senses, and he seems to feel that you have a quite 'sensitive' Touch, Smell, Taste, Hearing and Sight, for the quite sexy young neighbor-lady on the ranch next to yours! You wouldn't be in Love with her, would you?

154. The Doc also says that that good-sized hill over there on the center-right, is located in your areas of Emotions and Instincts and Feelings, and it sure does seem to verify that you are definitely in Love!

155. BUT, on the other hand, that good-sized 'valley' over there in center-left-rear, is located in the area of your Attitudes, and it seems to be saying that you can definitely be 'grouchy', 'grumpy' and 'cranky' and down-right stubborn, if you don't 'get your way'!

156. AN APOLOGY HERE! I must confess, in all honesty, that the above 'Medical Diagnosis', is quite 'fictitious', as I don't know a damn thing about WHERE such 'attitudes' and 'characteristics' of the human individual, are to be found on the Landscapes of the human Mind! Such 'details' have yet-to-be-determined, BY Medical Experts, and so I'll definitely leave that up to such 'Physicians-of-the-Mind'! This previous section was merely an 'exercise', in showing exactly WHAT such an Analysis/Diagnosis MIGHT consist of, and HOW such an Analysis might be beneficial TO a person with some sort of Mental 'abnormality', WHERE a Licensed Professional would most certainly be able to immediately recognize such an 'abnormality' merely by 'viewing' those Landscapes of the individual Mind!

157. In other words, the point here is that, as to the Landscape of the Mind, the subject and 'Reality' is just so complex that, even at this point of human Science and 'cutting-edge-research', such complexities will better be left to more dedicated future Specialists, who will eagerly and most precisely, explore and eventually record, the exact details OF our Landscapes of the Mind, whether typical or abnormal!

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