Words/Phrases DEFINED: 'dimensionality'. Father Jerome's SPECIALIZED DICTIONARY of KEYWORDS/PHRASES pertaining to Bose-Einstein Condensates of Non-Matter and Incorporeality, as used in his Works, in QUFD Physics and in the 'QUFD Textbook' Website, at http://go.to/QUFD

Words/Phrases DEFINED:
Father Jerome's SPECIALIZED DICTIONARY of KEYWORDS/PHRASES pertaining to Bose-Einstein Condensates of Non-Matter and Incorporeality, as used in his Works, in QUFD Physics and in the 'QUFD Textbook' Website, at http://go.to/QUFD

The GENERAL CONTEXT of such use is:
I'm going to copy here, the Definition for this term, from my other Dictionary on this website. Here it is:

The term refers to any one of the QUFD (Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics) dimensions, or ground-states of consciousness. See the QUFD listing in this Dictionary for further discussion. Dimensionality may be transcended in any number of ways by an individual consciousness (Soul), such as, at the time of "death" of the physical body, that Soul's individual ground-state condensate of consciousness returns to that original ground-state of consciousness from which it derived in the first place (as the Spirit portion of the entity "created" by the familial ground-states): Infinite Consciousness. In doing so, the Soul passes through the Luciferian Complex of dimensionality, which is the ground-state condensate that "surrounds" ANY cosmological life-form of sentience, including human. In other words, using such "religious" terminology as may apply, when a human Soul "passes through" the Valley of the Shadow of Death, what is actually happening is that the POSITIVE Soul of that human being is actually "passing-through" a "tunnel of Light" (positive consciousness) which is totally surrounded on all sides by the darkness of the non-living negative consciousness of the Luciferian Complex of dimensionality. So, the "tunnel of Light" is the means of guiding a positive Soul-spirit FROM the dimension previously occupied TO the new dimension of positivity (the basic, fundamental ground-state of Infinite Consciousness, Heaven, which it will occupy until recalled to a new dimension of "Life"). The non-Life and non-positive (negative) sentience of the darkness surrounding the "tunnel" is actually the quantum axion particles of the negative-form-of-spirit which comprise the Luciferian Complex of dimensionality, the quantum axion particles of Infinite Consciousness being of the positive-form-of-spirit.
Incidentally, if a human being "dies" Soul-less (without a positive Soul or consciousness, the ground-state of consciousness of the expiring individual mind having been of a negative soul-spirit), then there is NO "tunnel of Light" to guide such a one to Heaven, and that individual is, instead, immediately "absorbed" by the surrounding darkness of the Luciferian Complex of dimensionality, which is nominally known as Hell.
In Life, however, an individual with an actualized mature mind, can nominally transcend their own dimensionality by and through the mental functions of that consciousness of the upper mind portion of the individual's local mind which does constitute the Self or Soul, allowing that Self to "travel" to (access) any dimension (of positivity OR negativity - when positive consciousness "visits" a negative dimension, it is "shielded" in its reality BY its own positive Life-spirit) that it may so wish to access.

Well, that is what the other, older, Dictionary says. It is true, but not necessarily concerned with the truly scientific aspects, as this Dictionary more so is! So, let's see what we can add, to that other Definition!

First of all, we already know that any Condensate, whether of Corporeality or Incorporeality, is a Dimension, or 'Dimension'! And yet, within the overall Dimension of the Universe, and within the Dimension of yourself, exists the Dimension of your heart, the Dimension of one of your molecules, the Dimension of one of your atoms, the Dimension of one of your electrons, and the Dimension of one of your Magnetic fields, because all of which I have just noted, including all of the quantum forces, fields and gravity, are Corporeal and are contained within that Dimensionality which is the Corporeal Condensate of you!

Additionally, however, each and every one of your Corporeal Condensate-Dimensions, also has its 'twin', or dual, Condensate of Incorporeality, that makes up the 'Totality' of that particular Life-form, whether it is you overall, or the Life-form of your Heart, or of any one of your lesser Life-forms! (See 'a corporeal condensate', and 'a corporeal condensate's 'twin' condensate'.)

Furthermore, all Incorporeal Dimensions nominally exist beyond the Soul or Self of your Local Human Mind, and this includes the 'Dimensions' of your Parents, of God, of the Collective, of Hell and much more! As the older Dictionary Definition hereinabove has noted, however you might 'go there', or 'visit' other 'Dimensions', you do so under certain 'Conditions'.

If it is a Negative 'Dimension', and you are nominally from a Positive 'Dimension', you are 'shielded' by your Positivity! Here is an Excerpt from both my latest Book (see the bottom of this page!) and from the 'Book of Jerome', which is 'quoted' within the Book!

In other words, "access" (via the Soul) to Consciousness, means access to the knowledge and wonders of the Universe, AND THE COSMOS, including Truth, Knowing, Wisdom and all such factual realities of the Cosmos (in that, within Positive Consciousnesss, it is impossible for Falsity or Untruth to exist). However, IF ONE SHOULD CHOOSE TO DO SO, one CAN "access" the Negative dimensions, and yet be protected, in one's "Being", BY Positivity! (UNLESS one "renounces" that Positivity, and becomes a minion, or a part of, Negative Consciousness!) Hey, remember Hercules and his travels to Hades and the Elysian Fields, to visit his deceased yet immortal wife. He was protected by his Positivity. And if you should travel there yourself, be advised that Charon has discounted the price of a boatride across the River Styx. Oh, also be aware that there is a Hades-Alert in effect. Look out for the Three-Headed Hell-Dog Cerberus. He seems to have gotten loose!
What more can be said about a 'dimensionality'? It is composed of quantum axion particles, which are Positive in the Positive 'Dimensions' and Negative in the Negative 'Dimensions'.

As to 'Time' and 'Space', such aspects are characterictic of a Corporeal Condensate and thusly only exist within the Corporeality of the 'Dimension' you might choose to 'visit'. In other words, even though it is an Incorporeal 'Dimension' you might choose to 'visit', unless you are somehow 'visiting' the Incorporeal 'twin' of your Host-'Dimension', your Mind, and your Mind's 'Eye' will actually be visiting the Corporeal side of your Dimension's twin, where such Realities of Time and Space exist as True within that particular Dimension and Life-form's Reality! In other words, if I am 'visiting' my Friend Zip, my friendly local Pulsar, time and space are in accord with his Reality, and therefore you will find your own Consciousness to be 'in accord' with his! Here is an Excerpt from my Book:

100. Continuing on here with our original examination of the 'twin' condensate of Incorporeality of the Universe, there are many Life-forms in the Universe that we could examine. I've said that any and every Life-form, from a quantum quark particle to a molecule, from an ant to a tree, from a rock to our planet itself, are all Life-forms, which have two condensates to each and every Life-form's existence, a Corporeal condensate of the physical Reality of the Life-form, and also a 'twin' condensate of Incorporeality, Spirit and Consciousness, which also contains the 'Mind' of that Life-form! Perhaps someday I'll be able to introduce you to some of my friends from other 'Dimensions' of Consciousness and 'Reality', such as George, the Ant; or Zoom, my friendly Black Hole; or Zip, our neighborly Pulsar; or Limbs, a Tree somewhere on the Earth! Each and every Life-form has a 'Mind' and Consciousness, and if you can put yourself (actually, your Mind!) INTO that other Life-form's 'Dimension' of Consciousness and 'Reality'... Well, look forward to a most engaging and intelligent 'conversation' in Consciousness, with that Life-form! Remembering, however, that when YOUR Mind and Consciousness are actually IN the 'dimension' OF the Life-form of a rock, the nominal 'Time and Space' of your own 'dimensionality' (of seconds and par-secs!), no longer applies, because the Mind and Consciousness you will now be 'experiencing' (in order to 'converse' with that rock or any other Life-form!), will now be the Consciousness and 'Spacetime' OF THAT OTHER Life-form, which, in the case of a rock, is millions-of-years!
Again, anything further beyond the nominal 'Realms' of Incorporeality, I am not going to Define nor discuss, including the Higher (or Lower!) 'Realms'!
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