Words/Phrases DEFINED: 'Cooper-paired condensates'. Father Jerome's SPECIALIZED DICTIONARY of KEYWORDS/PHRASES pertaining to Bose-Einstein Condensates of Non-Matter and Incorporeality, as used in his Works, in QUFD Physics and in the 'QUFD Textbook' Website, at http://go.to/QUFD

Words/Phrases DEFINED:
"Cooper-paired condensates"
Father Jerome's SPECIALIZED DICTIONARY of KEYWORDS/PHRASES pertaining to Bose-Einstein Condensates of Non-Matter and Incorporeality, as used in his Works, in QUFD Physics and in the 'QUFD Textbook' Website, at http://go.to/QUFD

"Cooper-paired condensates"
The GENERAL CONTEXT of such use is:
Cooper-paired condensates:
First off, it must be said that Cooper-paired Condensates have no similarity to the Cooper-pairing of Quantum Mechanics. In that that Cooper-pairing (of Quantum Mechanics) takes place within the Corporeality of Corporeal Quantum Mechanics, the specific quantum characteristics are not at all the same as the quantum characteristics of the Cooper-pairing of Condensates within Incorporeality, where QUFD Physics and Quantum Physics apply instead. Here is another instance of the difference between Quantum Physics, which applies on the Incorporeal 'side of the Fence', and Quantum Mechanics, which applies only on the Corporeal side of the Fence! (See 'the Fence between the Known and the Unknown' and 'Quantum Mechanics versus Quantum Physics' in this Dictionary.)

The term 'Cooper-paired Condensates' refers exclusively to the Incorporeal 'side of the Fence' and specifically to whole-entity Incorporeal Condensates that are typically composed of two or more sub-condensates, the total of all the condensates making up the holistic 'functionality' of the whole-entity. This usually applies to the two sub-condensate 'functionality' of the entire Local Human Mind, in that entities with more than two sub-condensates are usually Cosmic entities, which I will not discuss here.

In the Local Human Mind, we have two Condensates of Incorporeality that are Cooper-paired, or 'sandwiched together', like two pancakes, directly and efficiently interfacing with each other. The lower mind (the lower Condensate), known also as the self, interfaces with the Brain of the Corporeal Body and, in effect, controls and supervises that Brain, upon the instructions/decisions that are made by the Upper Mind. The Upper Mind (the Upper Condensate), known also as the Self or Soul, interfaces with the lower mind on its underside and with all of the Cosmos/Incorporeality, on its top side.

Both sub-condensates have differing Ground-States/Landscapes because the reason/purpose of each is different from the other. The lower mind interfaces directly with the human Brain via the glial-synaptic-junctions of the Brain, controlling and supervising the entire Brain through the opening and closings of each and every synaptic-junction, as so decided/ordered upon the output decisions/orders of the Upper Mind. In doing so, the Lower mind has a full and complete 'map' of the human Brain, Spinal Cord and Ganglia of the human Body, and it (the lower mind!) knows exactly which synaptic-junctions 'control' what specific 'functions' of the Brain, so that the lower mind can 'supervise' all the Brain 'functions' by the turning on or off of the specific synaptic-junctions that 'control' each section of the Brain. Through a 'feedback-loop' mechanism for each synaptic-junction, the lower mind also verifies the operation of each synaptic junction.

Such 'functionality' as has been mentioned here, takes place nominally on the underside of the Condensate of the lower mind, where it interfaces with the Brain. (See 'interface between brain-mind', 'neuroglial interface dynamics of a condensate of the mind', 'quantum supervision of the human brain by the incorporeal condensate of the mind', 'synapsial junctions' and 'vesicles' in this Dictionary.) On the top side of the Condensate of the lower mind, the Landscape of the lower mind normally interfaces with the Landscape of the Upper Mind on the lower side of that Condensate, separated only by the Local Point-Location vortices of the Condensate of Infinite Consciousness (God), across which all communications and output decisions-to-the-lower mind are 'phase-space-shifted' normally from an output Local Point-Location on the Landscape of the Upper Mind, to the corresponding Local Point-Location on the Landscape of the lower mind.

The lower mind has several other 'functionalities' but the only one that will be mentioned further here is that it is here, in the lower mind (the self!), where the human Mind nominally has its 'functions' of memory and learning, wherein all memories and learning of one's Lifetime reside. Of course, these databanks fail over time because they are integral to the Corporeality of the Brain, and they cease upon death of the individual. This is actually only supposed to be a temporary 'memory', like the 'memory-cache' of a computer, that interfaces and interdicts (speeding up!) the normal-memory and Mind-dynamics nominally 'flowing' between the Brain and the Upper Mind (and the Collective Consciousness of Humanity, beyond the Upper Mind, and any other direct 'inputs' from Incorporeality!) Those 'memories and learning', from the 'Collective', are permanent and do not perish upon death of the Local Human Mind! (See the "collective consciousness of humanity" in this Dictionary and further discuss in my Book and on the Website!)

The Upper Mind (Self/Soul) is the Condensate where all the 'inputs' from wherever (for that instant!) are 'collected' and processed, which processing is known as the 'dynamics' of the Upper Mind (See 'Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics'), wherein the nominal 'qualities', 'attributes' and characteristics, Sentience, Spirit, self-ordering, complexity, adaptivity and so much more, of the Human Mind, Consciousness and of the quantum axion particles/waves of Consciousness, take place and finally render their Output 'perturbation', or Decision, upon that Landscape of the Upper Mind! (See all the further Definitions herein this Dictionary pertaining to the Upper Mind and its functionalities!)

Both sub-condensates are normally composed of Positive whole-integer-spin quantum axion particles, as well as the vortices of the Condensate of Infinite Consciousness, that separate the two sub-condensates, are also of a Positive whole-integer-spin 'Reality'! (Whole-integer-spin, in this Definition, pertains to Incorporeality, and NOT Corporeality, therefore the quantum spin-charge 'dynamics' of Corporeality and Quantum Mechanics DO NOT APPLY here!)

Such is the normal situation, of these sub-condensates and their quantum axion particles, wherein the Sum-Total Configuration of the Local Human Mind 'presents itself' to the Cosmos and the rest of Incorporeality as a normal Positive Mature Human Mind, which is What it is supposed to be!

However, even though the entire Local Human Mind does yet 'present itself' as a Positive Condensate of whole-integer-spin, the present situation for all of Humanity, is NOT that of a 'Mature Human Mind', but instead, of an 'Immature Human Mind'!

What this means, is that the internal Cooper-paired configuration of those two sub-condensates has been changed, by the 'incursioning' or insertion, of Lucifer's 'Fingers-of-Negativity', into the vortice-spaces between the two sub-condensates. Normally, both Condensates and the vortice-spaces between them (of the Condensate of God!), would be quantum axion particles of Whole-Whole-Whole (sub-vortice-sub) Integer-Spin configuration, ALL POSITIVE, and 'presenting' a Positive Whole-Integer-Spin 'Totality', as a Local Human Mind of Maturity!

However, the situation now is that Lucifer's Negative quantum axion particles, of Luciferian Negativity, are now 'sandwiched' between the two sub-condensates, which is affecting the situation as follows:

Even though Lucifer now controls every human Mind, and the Immaturity of the Human Mind reigns on Earth, the entire Local Human Mind yet 'presents' a Wholeness, as if it were yet of a Whole and Positive Local Human Mind, because Infinite Consciousness does yet 'recognize' the Wholeness and Positivity of each and every Human Mind, no matter how much Positivity may or may not yet remain within the individual! See the QUFD Website and the Book for further discussion of how to 'correct' this 'situation', by the Whole of Humanity, as Mankind's 'Manifest Destiny'!

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