QUALIA CI: Revisiting Heaven and Hell: Is there really a Corporeal Reality to the Incorporeal 'Reality' of both? From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUF D

QUALIA CI: Revisiting Heaven and Hell: Is there really a Corporeal Reality to the Incorporeal 'Reality' of both?

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By Father Jerome

  1. To start off this discussion, as any Reader hereof probably already knows, I write about both Reality and 'Reality', including the Realities of our present Society, Humanity and the World. So it was most apropos today, when I just happened to see a bumper sticker on a car that really bespoke reams about the Reality of today's World and especially Society! It said, "Old Age and Treachery, will always overcome Youth and Skill!" And so it is, as an example of the inherent negativities of our World! Just a note! (Barack Obama! Be forewarned!)

  2. Okay, on to the subject under discussion here! I think I have already written about the incorporeal 'realities' of both 'Heaven' and 'Hell'. But, whether such may be true of our incorporeal existence on our everyday plane of 'Reality', as to whether both 'Heaven' and 'Hell' are both extant, as incorporeal 'realities' in our everyday Lives... I'm not sure! And what I refer to, are those folks who say that 'Heaven' and/or 'Hell', or both, exist right here with us today, and that which it really is, totally depends on us and our moment-by-moment actions and realities!

  3. I recently had occasion to ask a question, and receive an answer thereto, which I noted to a recent correspondent, to wit: "If Hercules dead wife Serena and his family, who were slain by the goddess Hera, were said to be living in the half-way world of the Elysian Fields, a supposedly nice place of beauty and wonder, then why did Hercules have to take passage with Charon the Boatman, in order to cross the river Styx into Hell/Hades, and then somehow get past the three-headed Hell-Dog Cerebus, who was on-the-loose and guarding the Gates to Hades, in order to visit his dead wife in Elysium?" The answer seems to be that Elysium, as a half-way world between the living and the dead in the Underworld, was actually the top layer of Hades. Now, the task for myself, is to actually find Elysium, wherever it is buried, in the quantum physics realms of Lucifer's Complex-of-Negative-Consciousness-and-Reality.

  4. Which is exactly what I am herein attempting to discern. Usually, both 'Heaven' and 'Hell' are considered to be of the Higher Dimensions of Consciousness and Incorporeality... actually, in the case of 'Hell', the Lower Dimensions, or the Underworld! Now, however, from all 'reports', there seems to 'be' a somewhat corporeal reality, as well as our nominally incorporeal 'reality', to the existence of both. Which means therefore, that both 'Heaven' and 'Hell' ARE actually Life-forms, of 'twin-duality', having both corporeal reality as well as incorporeal 'reality'!

  5. Now, wherever such a Life-form as 'Heaven' may be in the Higher Dimensions, it therefore has a definite Corporeal Reality to it, where all deceased and Positive Souls go, to spend their continuing Eternal Lives, in a somewhat blissful state, awaiting a new selection-and-rebirth, into a brand-new corporeal-body, on our everyday Dimension-of-Reality. Or so the legends go! Which means that, buried somewhere in that gigantic mesh of Infinite Consciousness, somewhere in the 'Higher Dimensions' of Consciousness and 'Reality', there might actually be a large condensate-dimension-of-corporeality, somewhat like the very large 'room'... actually, a large world! ...that I once upon a time have 'seen' myself therein, in my temporary 'accesses' into Consciousness! My 'memory', or 'remembrance', is of my Soul, existing within such a very large 'room', along with lots of other Souls... seemingly 'in wait' of something. Then, upon some kind-of-signal-or-occasion, my Soul goes through a Door, into a large hallway. As I traverse this hallway, I am seemingly 'presented' with various detailed 'exits', into 'realities' and/or 'Lives', as the many 'possibilities' available to my Soul. And it is significant, in that I have 'seen' that 'hallway', or continuing 'hallway/passageway/tunnel', quite often in my dreams. And I am quite familiar with all of the 'realities' along that 'hallway', or through which that 'hallway-route' passes, readily identifying many of them with my already-extant past-lives, even to the point of already 'knowing' exactly what lies beyond a specific door or down a specific 'path', even sometimes 'seeking out' such-and-such specific 'path', at a certain time... of course, in my dreams!

  6. Eventually that 'hallway' narrows, even becoming rocky-and-bumpy, getting narrower and more specific, until I finally 'Emerge', through a 'doorway', into-the-Light! (Although, at times, it seems that, instead of 'emerging' into a new Life, I instead 'emerge' into such as a field, or onto a rooftop, or into a street, allyway or parking lot, or something else, perhaps signifying 'emergence' into a specific Life-point-or-reality!) Wow! I have just been Born... as a brand-new Human Being! Of course, the exact scientific and quantum physics details, of such Parturition, and of exactly what has really happened, have already been detailed in my webpages!

  7. But, the point here, is that that very-large 'room', must exist somewhere in the Higher Dimensions, and it must be corporeal, in some respect, having supposedly beautiful venues of repose and reality, suitable for all such Souls, whether Ascended or not!. Now, we might also say the same thing, somewhat, for 'Hell', or 'Hades'!

  8. Meaning that somewhere, within that gigantic mesh of Incorporeality and Infinite Consciousness, of infinite and nested condensate-dimensions, of Higher and Lower Dimensions, and specifically within that Luciferian Complex of Negative Consciousness and 'Reality', there must also be a corporeal reality to 'Hell/Hades'.

  9. Now, the nominal 'picture', compliments of such human literature as "Dante's Inferno' perhaps, and other such, is a place of Fire-and-Brimstone, whether the tortured-and-evil Souls, labor away in oppressive heat and squalor! However, perhaps such is also just a mere religious figment-of-the-imagination! I haven't 'seen' such as yet, so I can't say.

  10. But, if Greek Legends and other 'tales' are somewhat accurate, then there is yet more to the corporeal realms of 'Hell/Hades', to include not only the 'landscape' leading up to and beyond the 'Gates-of-Hell' (where... Remember? The Hell-Dog Cerebus is on-the-loose!), but also such other 'worlds/dimensions' of the Underworld, as the Elysium/Elysian Fields. And don't forget our Friend, Charon the Boatman and the river Styx, which supposedly encircles 'Hell/Hades'... is it eight, or nine, times?

  11. Now, exactly what could be the 'symbology' behind such 'visions' and 'tellings', of 'Hell/Hades'? All seemingly corporeal! And yet, as far as I can tell, yet buried somewhere within that quantum-and-incorporeal mesh of Consciousness, that is the Luciferian Complex of Negative Consciousness and 'Reality'. Well, stay tuned here, as this 'Explorer-of-Consciousness' just might yet find his 'way' into 'Hell/Hades', just as Hercules did, to 'explore' exactly what is there! Anyone know exactly what is the price-of-passage today, for Charon to take me across the river Styx?

Aum, Peace, Amen

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