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Welcome to Sand n Sea's Homepage!

BBG Sand 'n' Sea BBG #2357 is an awesome chapter. With the magical number of 19 members our PCR chapter is growing every week. From meetings, events and weekends too we seem to do it all. Each week our bond grows as we exemplify the true meaning of sisterhood. Not once is one of our girls or perspectives left out. From the minute we think about joining until we are a member we are all included in all aspects of BBYO and most importantly Sand 'n' Sea BBG #2357. With Ariel from The Little Mermaid as our mascot, we have pushed the word of fun to it's maximum ability. That just about sums it up. Sand 'n' Sea can be wrapped up in a few words : FUN, SISTERHOOD, and UNITY!

This term Sand 'n' Sea is off to an awesome start. We have a terrific board and members to go with it!!

In December Sand 'n' Sea held its elections. Presenting our brand-spanking NEW
Sand 'n' Sea BBG! #2357 Board:

  • Madrechot: Debroah Joanne, Sharon Marie, Rebecca Nicole Jerusha and Amy Elizabeth

  • Sisterhood Chairgirl: Casandra Jillian

  • Six-fold Chairgirl: Julia Elich

  • Yaldah Simcha: Casandra Jillian

  • Mashguicha: Lelia Tomar

  • Safranit: Lauren Michelle

  • Katvanot: Dayna Stacey and Julia Elich

  • Orechet: Jackie

  • Gizborit: Julia Elich

  • Sh'licha: Dayna Stacey

  • Mazkirah: Noelle Malika

  • Morah: Amy Elizabeth

  • S'ganit: Rebecca Nicole Jerusha

  • N'siah: Valerie Miriam

  • Advisors: Linda and Laura

    Sand n Sea BBG #2357 would like to send a happy hello to our new and prospective members! Welcome to our world, darlings it's better, down where it's wetter, UNDER THE SEA! (take it from us).

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    The B'nai B'rith Youth Organization (BBYO) is a youth led, worldwide organization which provides opportunities for Jewish youth to develop their leadership potential, a positive Jewish identity and commitment to their personal development. The youth participate in democratically functioning small groups under the guidance of adult advisors and professional staff.

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