RSV Inolvidable

RSV Inolvidable

1998 - 1999 - 2000

He's simply THE BEST!

This classic bay stallion is one of the best ever produced by Rancho Santa Vicenta. He is beautiful to behold, arrogant, and has one of the smoothest gaits you will ever ride! His disposition is incredible, a total pussycat in hand and yet he breathes fire under saddle! At just seven years of age he has become one of this breeds greatest show stallions of all time, and now his babies are proving him to be a great sire as well. Never before has a stallion here in the U.S. taken the showring by storm as has RSV Inolvidable.

RSV Inolvidable will be standing at stud in 2001 for the very reasonable fee of $3,000. with a 'Live Filly Guarantee' and 'Foal Satisfaction Guarantee'! See our next page for terms of breeding. Ask us about our easy payment plan. RSV Inolvidable stands by both live cover and by shipped semen. His semen quality is excellent and has checked as high as 29 billion per ejaculation with over 85% motility! (average stallion ejaculation is 3 - 9 billion per ejaculate!) He has bred AND impregnated mares with the use of 72 hour old semen!!


Ask us about our easy payment plan. For a mere 25% down you may breed your mare to this incredible one in a million stallion! The balance is payable in monthly installments and is due in full upon the birth of your foal. It's that simple! Also, we offer a $1,000.00 discount on any breeding paid in full prior to mare being bred! This means you can buy a $3,000.00 breeding to RSV Inolvidable for a mere $2,000.00 if breeding is paid for in full.

This stallion is only available for breeding in the months of January through June 1, 2001. Thereafter he will not again be available until after the show season completes itself in October of 2001.

Now there is NO EXCUSE to breed to inferior stallions just because they may have lower stud fees. There is not currently a better stallion than this available with these kinds of breeding terms to be found anywhere in the world today! Come to the ranch and see for yourselves the incredible babies of this now legendary young stallion. We guarantee you that you won't be disappointed!

Booking Fee: $750.00 - Which counts as your initial breeding fee payment as well. ALL booking fees are non-refundable. Due to in-home breeding commitments as well, RSV Inolvidable's book is open to only 20 outside mares.

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