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A system to play craps? Of course there are 1000's out there. If you were linked here to this page from a site that states that the mathematics are against you and you could never expect to win consistently from gambling then you must have a open mind and continue reading further.   We know that the casinos mathematically arrange their games to benefit no one but themselves but gambling systems were designed to lower these percentages against you to a reasonable level so that you could have a chance to win some money.  Spend a moment and read the following if you want to make money from the craps table. It is time tested and proven after years of personal use.

Back long ago in the late 1970's I became very interested in the mathematics of casino games. I became a serious student learning everything I could about the game of craps (dice). I can't begin to tell you how many times I threw dice on my kitchen floor to simulate actual rolls and test different methods of play. I threw dice and recorded the results, over and over again. When I felt I had the desired amount of confidence needed, I went on numerous junkets to Las Vegas to experience my current method of play under actual conditions. I would come home and readjust and fine tune my system.  I was looking at all types of systems and trying to combine the best attributes of all of them. It was starting to come together.

The cold facts are in any game of chance in a casino, we know that the odds are against you. As I said the purpose of any system is to reduce those odds and give you a chance to take some of the casino's money home with you. I began my quest by learning what the odds of losing were for every single box or bet located on a craps table. I also learned how each bet works, what can or cannot be done once the bet is placed, and what the resultant outcome is - the payoff when the bet is successful.

Why do people lose money gambling? This is an excellent question and an easy one to answer. It is simply the lack of knowledge of the game they are playing. They did not do their homework, and they are depending solely on luck and view it as just a way of having fun. It is a strange way of having fun - losing money !

I don't !!!! This is not fun, to me this is a business.
Making money is serious business as well as losing money. You want to do more of the first and less of the second. You must have a plan and, more importantly, to stick with it.

I have advertised this system in various magazines long ago with many satisfied players. Now in the age of the internet, I am very excited that I am able to communicate with so many people that have this same interest. Everyone wants to win, but they will not spend the amount of time needed to learn and to feel comfortable enough to play with confidence.

Sorry I have been going on and on, and I hope you are still with me at this point. I could speak forever on this subject and my many feelings and experiences over the last 20 plus years. At one point I relied solely on craps and this system to support myself. I was between jobs and commuted to Vegas about 3 times a week. It worked, and it still does.

                                                                                     Let's get to the good part ----->