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Marvel's Spider-Man Submissions Script

Page One

Establishing interior shot of a ritzy Manhattan penthouse apartment. Peter Parker and Mary Jane are attending MJ's model-friend, Tara's trendy party. An assortment of artsy types are there (models, agents, actors, fine artists, club dancers, etc.). MJ is enjoying herself, but Peter looks out of place and uncomfortable. Peter is being pestered by Tara's yapping little poodle.

Page Two

Peter (annoyed) escapes the poodle by going out onto the balcony. The balcony is a lush garden with a wide assortment of plants.
He relaxes, watching the guests (including MJ) dancing inside.
Then his spider-sense warns him of danger from above!
Peter ducks behind a large garden box, ready to change into Spider-Man if need be.
Mr. Hyde and two armored bandits (your design) drop/swing down onto the garden balcony. The bandits ready their laser pistols.

Page Three

The badguys charge through the glass door into the party. Two realistically clothed/armored security guards rush forward to protect the guests. The bandits take out the guards.
The party guests are ordered to the floor. Tara fearfully clutches her poodle.
Some panicky guests offer their valuables. MJ is angry, but compliant.
Mr. Hyde walks purposely past his men, up to MJ. He doesn't want loot...He wants Mary Jane!

Page Four

Mister Hyde is obsessed with MJ and has come for her. She is repulsed by him, but not afraid. They argue.
2 Panel Sequence:
Panel 2 - Hyde facing us (trying to be charming). His men are behind him. The men are reacting to something slapping them on the back. We can't see it, but it's Spidey's webbing.
Panel 3 (end of sequence) - Same angle: Hyde surprised as his goons fly backwards, toward the balcony. They drop their weapons.
Hyde, enraged, turns around to see Spidey on the balcony, neatly webbing up the armored goons.

Page Five

Hyde lunges at Spider-Man like a wild animal.
MJ has to rein in her emotions to protect her husband's secret identity.
Hyde tackles Spider-Man in mid-leap, sending them both off of the balcony, twenty stories above 5th avenue. Hyde laughs maniacally--He doesn't care!
Hyde and Spider-Man fight as they fall to the street.

Page Six

Spider-Man kicks free from Hyde while, at the same time, spinning webs with both hands (while still free-falling).
Spidey swings back up to safety on his line. The web line he attached to Hyde (anchored to a building) acts as a bungee cord, slowing his fall.
Hyde bounces headfirst onto the avenue below (knocking him silly).
Last Panel: Hyde still helpless on web line while police show up. Spidey watches in background.