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The Antoine Coral Reef Guide Tour


Hello, Anthony DeAngelis and I, Antonino Mendolia are doing our geohazard project on Coral Reefs. We are both 14 years old, Italians and love soccer. We are in level three ISA and are studying Geography 314 ISA. Before we started this project, to tell you the truth, we didn't know nothing about Coral Reefs and we thought of these geohazards to be things we have to live with within our environment. Doing this project, really got us off our behinds and made us want to learn.

The information we will be including within our project will be the following :
- What Corals and Reefs are.
- The uses they have.
- The pros and cons.
- The different types.
- The forms of life.
- Their structure.
- Where their located.
- The harm that is being done to them.
- What is being done about that harm to Corals.

We will be also concentrating on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and on the Coral Sea for our case studies.

We will try to get a movie on Coral Reefs. We also made a pinata in the form of coral, and we have a display of different corals made out of plastic. We are now working on a collage of pictures of different types of corals.

We are getting our information mainly from many interactive encyclopaedias and from the Internet and we found many interesting Internet links.

We hope you will enjoy and learn from our Antoine Coral Guide Tour!


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