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Why should you purchase your next youngster from Rancho Santa Vicenta?

Pictured Above: A typical 'RSV' weanling out in the field with the other babies. We often showed this youngster to people who were looking for stallion prospects, telling them how special he was and how great he would one day be....

.....And people Laughed!

Pictured above is that same colt as a yearling. He was presented for sale at one of our Open House's. Our asking price on him was $12,000.00!.....

.....And again... People LAUGHED! In fact, they not only laughed, they ROARED!!


Why, you ask, should you make your next purchase of a colt or filly, a youngster from Rancho Santa Vicenta? Good question! Our babies run wild like a bunch of Mustangs. They are barely handled, have wooly, scrubby coats in the winter time, are not groomed on a regular basis and certainly are not 'fat and sleek' like many people's 'Pipe Corral' babies are. They are not drop-dead gorgeous as youngsters, many have hairy chins and fetlocks......

.....But what they have over many other ranches babies, what pulls them apart from the crowd as adults, is the undeniable strength and quality of these youngsters when they grow up and mature! They are bred for lasting strength, obtained through excellent conformation. They are inherently well gaited. They are smart! They grow up to be outstanding individuals that have proven themselves to be formidable competitors in the showring over and over again! They are the horses with the "RSV" prefix's on their names! They are quite simply....



(*JOR Romance -x- RDS Orquidia Negra)

The 1998, 1999, & 2000 AAOBPPH U.S. National Champion of Champions Breeding Stallion!

...And it's 'him' pictured in every photo on this page.

Well..... You know what they say about "He who laughs last"!


RSV Inolvidable

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