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Twin Peruvian Paso Foals!

RDS Orquidia Negra presents her twin fillies sired by RSV Escorpio de Oro!

At 4:30 am on May the 6th 1999, our two time U.S. National Champion of Champions Performance Mare, 'RDS Orquidia Negra' lay down to once again give birth for her 5th time. A beautiful, normal sized bay filly was born with very little effort. The filly was pulled around to the front of Orquidia so that she could bond with her new baby. A friend of ours that was here visiting at the time soon exclaimed 'There's another foot coming out!' I remember thinking something like 'Yeah right.... Renee, another foot!... As if!'. But instead, I simply replied without even looking back, 'Are you sure that's a foot?' Renee's reply of 'Shawna, I know what a foot is!' prompted me to quickly look bqck at Orquidia's vulva and sure enough there was another little hoof making it's way out! A minute later, after a relatively easy birth process, Orquidia found herself the mother of newborn twin filly foals!

We are proud to say they have just passed their 3 month birthday and are healthy and happy in every way. We are proud to present you with some photos taken of them at just under three months of age!

Above: RSV Solimar tells her sister RSV Soliluna...'You go on ahead, I'm going to just check out these cones first!

RSV Soliluna leads the game this time as RSV Solimar follows

Above: Nicknamed now 'The Doublemint Twins'

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