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Training by Jorge Valenzuela

Jorge Valenzuela Training Center list of services:

Jorge Valenzuela is considered by many to be among the finest Peruvian Horse trainers anywhere within the U.S. His gentle style and unending patience have helped to make him one of the nations most successful in numbers of champions trained. From the easiest to the most difficult horses, Jorge has exhibited an uncanny ability to handle all types of temperaments and athletic abilities. Jorge is also the sole trainer of the well known dancing Peruvian 'RDS D'Artagnan' and has taught him several complicated high-school maneuvers which he performs with ease. Whether you are looking for someone to train your trail horse, show horse, or prized breeding horse, Jorge does it all, does it successfully, and does it gently.

If you're looking for that special trainer to bring your horse to it's fullest potential, the safe and gentle way, look no further. We invite visitors at any time to inspect Jorge's training methods - by appointment only please.

For more information on the Jorge Valenzuela Training Center, please contact Jorge or Shawna Valenzuela

Rancho Santa Vicenta

P.O. Box 159 - Winchester, CA - 92596

(909) 926-9637 or fax: (909) 926-3658 or e-mail

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