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In the Name of Allah the Gracious the Merciful



Qadian Darul-Aman


 Why Qadian is famous throughout the World?

In the early eighties of the nineteenth century, a devoted follower of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him)Hadrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, announced that he had been a constant recipient of divine revelation for some years and that God had informed him that the day of the renaissance of Islam was about to dawn and this revival would be brought about through him.

This voice was raised by Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, a small town situated in a corner of the most backward province of India, lacking all facilities for communication with the rest of the world. He had not received much formal education but had made a deep study of the Holy Qur`an and of the scriptures of other faiths and was richly endowed with knowledge of the profound eternal verities.

Promised Messiah and Mahdi In 1889 he claimed that he was the Reformer of the fourteenth century of the Islamic era and was the Mahdi and Promised Messiah, whose advent in the latter days had been predicted by the Holy Prophet of Islam, peace and blessings of God be upon him. He also claimed, under divine direction, that in his advent were fulfilled the prophecies handed down in all the great faiths of the appearance of a great teacher in the latter days.

In March 1889, he laid the foundation of the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam. His claims aroused bitter opposition on the part of the religious leaders of all principal faiths. Opposition and Condemnation His claim of being a recipient of revelation in an age steeped in materialism made him an object of ridicule in the eyes of the worldly. Orthodox Muslim divines condemned him as a disbeliever and an apostate whose assassination would be an act of the highest spiritual merit. Ahmadiyya Community He led a wholly blameless, pure and beneficent life, which followed in the minutest detail the pattern that had been established by the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of God be upon him. He founded a community, the members if which are required to illustrate in their daily lives all the social, moral and spiritual values inculcated by Islam, of which the highest example was furnished in the life of the Holy Prophet of Islam, peace and blessings of God be upon him. They are drawn from every walk of life and are practical men conforming their lives and activities to the teachings of Islam. They do not reject the normal values of life and have set enviable examples of full, successful and righteous living. The distinguishing feature of their lives is the upholding of the moral and the spiritual above the material and the physical in a pattern of beneficial coordination. As taught by Islam, they believe that faculties and capacities bestowed upon man by God Almighty are a precious bounty and must be developed and exercised at their proper time and occasion and are not to be suppressed or stultified. The moral and spiritual code to which they seek to conform imposes no handicaps upon them. There have, by the Grace and Mercy of God, appeared among them persons possessing high eminence in almost every sphere of human life. Conflict between Spiritual and Material Values

The world today presents an ironic spectacle of the highest progress in science and technology, beyond man's wildest dreams of even a half century ago, on the one side; and the rapid deterioration of moral and spiritual values on the other. This rift is widening daily, particularly in the West, and if it is not drastically narrowed and then eliminated at an early date, it would bring about universal disaster which might involve the end of civilization as it is conceived today. At the root of the trouble is the utter lack of moral and spiritual leadership among the so-called advanced sections of humanity which have, in so many cases, become completely alienated from God. Belief in the possibility of communion with God, which is the very essence of spiritual life, has disappeared. Such halting and sporadic effort as put forth towards the stimulation of moral and spiritual values, is based on human speculation and is not derived from divine direction. This tendency is patent even among Muslim divines. There is a failure to recognize that the only way of deliverance is through the establishment of man's relationship with God.

Today the only claimant of such a possibility is the Ahmadiyya Movement which furnishes practical illustration of the truth of its claim. It is only through experience of such a relationship that a person can arrive at absolute certainty of faith in the Divine which can work the needed moral and spiritual revolution in the life of man. This is the challenge that the Ahmadiyya Movement presents to an incredulous world. It is the challenge of a revised, resurgent and invigorated Islam. True Salvation Islam is the essence of all truth. There is not a single fundamental verity that is not comprised in the Holy Qur`an. It requires faith in all the Prophets and in the revelation that was vouchsafed to them. It is thus a universal possession and a perfect guide. Any one who makes it the law of his life and conforms to it down to the last particular, beholds God in this very life. This is true salvation and there is no other salvation beside it. That is the perfect fulfillment of life here and hereafter.

The Ahmadiyya Movement was founded 108 years ago. Today, its branches are strung around the globe. It enjoys the allegiance of people drawn from all regions of the earth and comprising all races and colors. Its membership is rapidly increasing all over the world.

" I Shall Carry Thy Message to the Corners of the Earth"

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