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1. What is Australia's Highest Mountain? Mt. Kosciusko
2. What do the initials ACT stand for? Australian Capital Territory
3. What is the name of the mountains running along the East Coast of Australia? Great Dividing Range
4. When we celebrate Australia Day , what are we exactly celebrating? The landing of the first fleet
5. Who came to Australia as an army officer in 1790 and succeeded in breeding sheep for wool? John Macarthur
6. Who bred varieties of wheat that could resist diseases? His most famous wheat was 'Federation' William Farrer
7. What am I? I am an event where gold miners fought the police because of the high costs for mining licences The Eureka Stockade
8.Who was the first person to fly across the Pacific Ocean in 1928 in a plane called the 'Southern Cross' Sir Charles Kingsford Smith
9.Which female aboriginal tennis player won two Wimbledon tennis titles? Evonne Cawley (Goolagong)
10.Which Australian poet and short story writer is on our $10 note? Henry Lawson
11. Name the largest plain in South and Western Australia. It's name means "no trees" The Nullarbor Plain
12. What is the body of water separating Australia and Papua New Guinea? Torres Strait
13. Name four major rivers in northern New South Wales? Tweed, Richmond, Clarence and Macleay
14. Which cricketer was a champion batsman in the 1930's and 1940's? Sir Donald Bradman
15. What date is Australia Day? 26th January
16. Who first crossed the Blue Mountains in 1813? Blaxland, Lawson and Wentworth
17.In what year did we become the Commonwealth of Australia? 1901
18. Who was the first Prime Minister? Sir Edmund Barton
19. Who first circumnavigated and mapped the Australian coastline? Matthew Flinders
20. Who was the first Australian to win the Nobel Prize for Literature? Patrick White
21. Where is the second largest radio telescope in the world? Parkes (N.S.W.)
22.Who wrote 'Snuggle Pot and Cuddle Pie'? May Gibbs
23. Who invented the harvester, making farming much easier? Hugh McKay
24.In 1862, who crossed Australia from Adelaide to the north Coast John McDowell Stuart
25. When was gold discovered in NSW? 1851
26. By whom/ Hargraves
27. Name Australia's longest river The Murray River
28. Which bushranger was hanged in Old Melbourne Gaol in 1880? Ned Kelly
29. What does QANTAS stand for? Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Service
30. Who played an important part in the development of penicillin? Lord Florey
31. In what year was the first Holden made? 1948
32.In 1923, a food product was first produced and has become very famous. What is it? Vegemite
33. Who was the Sydney Aborigine to act as an ambassador when taken to England? Bennelong
34. in 1823, who explored Moreton Bay and the Brisbane River? Oxley
35. Who in 1829 followed the Murrumbidgee and Murray Rivers to the sea? Sturt
36. Who first crossed Australia from north to south? Burke and Wills
37. Which coach company, started in 1853, provided a coach service between Melbourne and the gold fields? Cobb and Co
38. Whose idea was the royal flying Doctors service? John Flynn
39. Name the Australian artist famous for his paintings of the gumtrees of Central Australia? Albert Namatjira
40. Who was our first farmer? James Ruse
41.Who made the first recorded sighting of the Australian continent? Jantz
42. When did Captain Cook discover the east coast of Australia ? 1770
43.On the banks of what river does Melbourne stand The Yarra river
44.Who was the 'man with the donkey' at Gallipoli? Simpson
45.Which pioneer woman worked hard to help the newly arrived women and children? Caroline Chisholm
46.What famous Sydney construction was opened in 1932? The Harbour Bridge
47. In what year did Australia change to decimal currency? 1966
48. What do we call the Northern most part of Australia ? Cape York
49.Which is the largest natural lake - when it has water in it? Lake Eyre
50.What was Australia originally called? New Holland
51.Who was the Dutch explorer who claimed Tasmania in 1842? Abel Tasman
52. What was Tasmania originally called? Van Dieman's Land
In which year did Melbourne host the Olympic Games? 1956
53. What river is Perth located on? The Swan river
54. Who was the first Governor? Governor Phillip
55. Which large desert spreads over parts of Northern Territory, SA and Queensland? The Simpson Desert
56. Name two Victorian country cities that were founded on gold? Bendigo and Ballarat
57. What is the name of the tool used by aborigines to throw spears? woomera
58. How many times would Tasmania fit inside Queensland? 25 times
59. What is a Jumbuk? A sheep
60. What precious stones are found at Coober Pedy? opals
61. What do you call a group of Kangaroos? A troop
62. What did Lance Hill invent in 1945? Rotary Clothes hoist
63. What is the main product of the Barossa Valley in South Australia ? wine
64. If you won the Archibald Prize, the Wynne Prize or the Sulman prize, what would you be? An Artist
65.Which Australian bird is on our 10cent coin? Lyrebird

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