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Total Conversions & MegaWADs
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2 new WolfenDoom scenarios have been started: The Nocturnal Missions and Spear of Destiny.

2 projects that were started recently, and then gone just as quickly: Atlantis Under Pressure and Medieval. Fortunately, 2 more have started to take their place: Ghostbusters Doom and Star Wars: Hostile Territory.
3-level preview of Marine Doom released.
Momento Mori II won't work on MacOS without a bugfix. Unfortunately, the link for the bugfix on TiC's site has been down for some time. I e-mailed them about this a month ago or so, and still nothing has been done about it, so I'm going to upload it here (it's a whopping 4K!) I should've done this a long time ago; sorry, y'all :)
In case you've been living in a cave for the last month, the PC-Doom crowd has gone port-happy! It appears I'm gonna have to cut the definition of a "TC" pretty thinly. Basically, I don't consider it for this directory unless a) it has new levels and b) it's not Deathmatch.
So far, I haven't seen jack shit from the Mac community in the way of ports, but that doesn't necessarily mean they aren't happening. Fortunately, most programmers make their source freely available, so some aspiring Mac developer could port them....or better yet, make their own port. Get the Doom source here.

Know about a Total Conversion or megaWAD I haven't included? (A megaWAD is usually 1 MB or larger and often has new textures, weapons and/or monsters.) Write me a note & I'll check it out! I want this directory to be as complete as possible! Please tell me if there's any out-of-date info or broken links anywhere, too.
I also need graphics of monsters from any of the Doom games.
WADs that are still being developed are in the IN PROGRESS section at the bottom.


DEIMOS 0.5.1b

A sound and sprite editor.

DeMacked 2.5

A script-writer for DeHacked-style patches which can be applied by DOOMinator.
Very primitive map editor.
The author quit this project and made the source code public.
DOOM source code

DOOM II 1.0.3 updater

Ultimate Doom 1.0.3 updater
Damn, it's HARD to find these now (they aren't even at id!).
Doom II 1.0.3 has many marked improvements; mainly a) the game runs faster and b) you can now use DOOMinator to apply DeHacked patches!

DOOMinator 2.0

Applies .DEH patches. Only supports patching of these types at this point: THING, WEAPON, AMMO, POINTER (and not TEXT, CHEAT, SOUND or SPRITE).

HellMaker 1.1b2

It's about time! A graphical-interface WAD-editor!
Even has support for Hexen! (Old, non-Hexen, non-beta version also available.)
LMP to WAD converter
Converts PC demos to WADs.
Some other map-making thing. Port of BSP.
Another WAD editor in production.

MDU 1.5.2

MacDoom Utility.
Hhhmmmm....does a variety of odd (useful?) things....if nothing else on this page can accomplish what you want, I suggest trying this one. Also changes LMPs (demos) to WADs.

WADenizer 2.0

About 90% of the Doom WADs available were made on a PC, mostly because of the lack of decent Mac Doom editors (HellMaker is a notable exception!)
If you want to play these WADs on a Mac, you need a converter (no, some crappy autotyper will NOT cut it); you need WADenizer. This tool goes way beyond changing the types and creators; it also converts all the textures, sprites and sounds so that MacDoom will recognize then properly and you can play the WAD just as it's author intended!
Goes great with WADWorks Suite; just expand the WADs in a set with WADenizer, then compile them with WAD Compositor!
This program has only one bug, so far as I can tell, but it is very aggravating: for some reason, usually when expanding Textures on some WADs, it returns a fake "not enough memory" error, and quits. You could give it 50 megs of RAM, it'll still error out. Besides that, it is an absolute Godsend to Mac Doomers. =)


A new WAD editor in progress. Get your name on the mailing list to get informed when it's released.
WADWorks Suite
Contains WAD Compositor, WAVtoWAD and Sound Extractor.
A "node builder" for Macs. No, I don't really know what this does.
OK, since these page is intended for the enjoyment of both Mac and PC users, I have made sure to label each entry appropriately so you will all know which WADs work on which machines.
OK, it's true! This page is biased to the Mac (in case you haven't noticed....)!
But I only have so much time and energy & I don't feel like hunting down all those PC map utilities, etc; of corse I'm a Mac-user, so....
If you're looking for PC game utilities, there are already lots of sites that have stuff like that. I WILL include PC-only TCs, partly because I want this to be a complete directory (to satisfy everyone) and also because maybe some Mac users will e-mail those authors and motivate them to make a Mac version!
Trust me; many authors want their work to be enjoyed by as many people as possible and will help if they can.
Unfortunately, to add new effects to their levels, many WAD editors use DeHacked, a PC program which patches the Doom II application; and the only Mac program which can apply these patches, DOOMinator, is severely limited.

= Mac friendly; may still need conversion by WADenizer

= PC version available



New Mac-ization of an old favorite. Based on Cameron's classic movie, of corse..
Get the PC version here.
Army of Darkness
One of my favorite movies gets the Doom treatment! As Ash, you get to blast all kinds of undead thru medieval England with your trusty sawed-off.
One thing that's extra-cool about this project is that the author made an effort to make a Mac-compatible version!
(although I have very serious doubts about this.....I can't actually get it to work on a Mac, even with the instructions on the WADenizer page).
Bitchin Series
"Bitchin' 97". A series of about a dozen levels.

Castle Heng

Cleimos II

Link is for PC-version only.
The Mac version is in the software libraries on AOL (hope you haven't used up all your free hours yet!)
Cool Stuff ]I[
Requires Doominator. The TEXT code won't parse, but everything else should work OK.
Cygnus IV

Doom 2099

@#$%^%^^ WADenizer memory error on Textures.

Doom 32

32-level WAD made by 32 different artists!

Doom Must Fall

A conversion based on a shareware game, One Must Fall.
Dystopia 3
Fight even more demons, on familiar turf.

Egyptian Doom

Eternal Doom

Eternal Doom III is finished!
Has some kind of a weird shell that makes it unusable to Mac players, though(?).
The Experiment
Mac conversion note!: WADenizer bogus "out of memory" error; same problem as Hell Revealed. This WAD was tested with WADenizer 2.0 and 1.1, same error.

Final Kill Me

A new commercial TC from Banjo Software.
After checking out the shareware version, you can order it from them for $14.95.
.exe installer?
Go hunting in a train station!

Hell Revealed

This WAD won't WADenize; it always "runs out of memory" about when it extracts the textures.
I set the memory partition really high, it doesn't do any good. You could play it on a Mac anyway, you'll just lose all the special effects.
High Tech/Low Life
Icarus: Alien Vanguard
Made by Team TNT....the guys that created the WADs for Final Doom!

Marine Doom

Macintosh version of Doom WAD made by a military sergeant to train marines!
This one's alot of fun, a little weird and alot harder than it looks. Imagine Damage Incorporated, Doom-style.
Metal Moon

Momento Mori

Another classic. New version. Check it out!

Momento Mori 2

Even more Momento Mori.
Get the MacOS bugfix.

New Breed

Finally completed! Requires Dehacked.
Number One Kill the Next Generation
Doesn't run on Macs, and according to the author, doesn't run that well on PCs either!
There's some error in the WAD, maybe a future version will fix it.


Mega-WAD from the notorious Innocent Crew....also PC users check out the The Evil Unleashed and Slaughter Until Death!


An Egyptian TC somewhat based on/inspired by the movie Stargate.
Path of the Fallen Angel


This one runs 99%, if not 100% correctly on MacOS.
The 2nd WAD, which contains sounds and "miscellanous", WADenizer gave back it's fake "out of memory" error, so I just drag-n-dropped it + the WADenized map WAD to DOOM II; it loaded OK and the new sounds were there.
So check it out! My sister stayed up 'til about 1 AM playing this one, and she usually has good taste.
PSF Doom


Realm of Chaos
First 100% Mac-built mega-WAD....produced by TMT (The Macintosh Team).
I haven't gotten a chance to play this much, but what I have seen looks pretty good. Worth checking out, regardless!
PC users get this version.
Another TiC megaWAD.
Squadron 417
Death-dealing "coop-only" WAD!
STRAIN stands for Strategy & Tactics Regiment Armed for Invasion Neutralization.
I've heard this is one of the BEST mega-WADs ever, from many people!
(No Mac version, though, due to unsupported DeHacked code :-P)
The Talosian Incident
The Black Star Coven's fond farewell to Doom, as they move on to Quartet and other Quake projects.

Toon II

A toon slaughterfest!; sequel to Toon (for Doom I). Doesn't work on Mac due to patch code that DOOMinator doesn't support.
The author is currently working on Toon III.


A series of WADs porting Wolfenstein to DOOM.
It's obvious alot of work was put into this....and while not very creative, there are some new levels here, and the WADs, frankly, look beautiful and well-done.
The series includes Second Encounter, Die, Fuhrer, Die, Treasure Hunt, Escape From Totenhaus, The Portal, Astrostein, Astrostein 2, Astrostein 3, Operation Eisanmann and Operation: Arctic Wolf. Mac and PC versions of all WADs.
WAD based on Night of the Living Dead, etc.
DeHacked! DeHacked! DeHacked!!


The best is yet to come!..............

The most legendary of military bases gets Doom-ized. 2 out of 3 levels finished and available for download!
IN PROGRESS: Battle of Hoth
Another Star Wars conversion.
IN PROGRESS: Beyond Doom: The Apocalypse
A "sequel" to DOOM II....all-new monsters, weapons and alot more, including the first nuclear weapon and a hybrid cyberdemon/spider! Preview available.

IN PROGRESS: Birthplace of Bastards

One marine's descent into an alien hell.
The author is looking for someone to finish this project for him.
IN PROGRESS: Chaos Awakening
IN PROGRESS: Chronicles
IN PROGRESS: The Darkening
Formerly The Nameless Project.
Episode one has been completed!

IN PROGRESS: Doom Legacy


From the guy that made the Zombies TC.
IN PROGRESS: Doom Source
Team TNT gits bizzy with the DOOM code.
IN PROGRESS: Dracula Doom
A medieval-type WAD, in the style of the old Bela Lugosi Dracula movies.

IN PROGRESS:Dragonlance

Yep, you guessed it; based on the Chronicles! You can play as Caramon, Riverwind or Raistlin and battle legions of orcs and goblins. There's a voting area on their website; so you can help pick which characters will be included and even whether the TC will be made for Doom II or Hexen.
The demons have discovered a way to travel back thru time to sabotage mankind's past.
Check out what's been completed in the demo.
IN PROGRESS: Extreme Doom
Another project working with the DOOM source code.


IN PROGRESS: Fistful of Doom

A Wild West conversion....2 levels available so far.
IN PROGRESS: From Dusk Till Doom
IN PROGRESS: Ghostbusters Doom


Looks awesome!! This, Dragonlance, Jurassic Park and Star Wars are the 4 best-looking mega-conversions going on right now; which proves that, despite Quake, Duke Nukem, etc there are still alot of diehard Doom fans out there!
IN PROGRESS: Immortal Doom


This one looks abandoned. The page has been taken down, and there seems to be no mention of it on the site.
IN PROGRESS: The Lost World

IN PROGRESS: Marine Doom

This is a different project from the "Marine Doom" WAD above.
The premise is still basically the same: instead of monsters, you fight soldiers.
Download the 3-level preview.
Based on FASA's increasingly marketable Battletech universe.
You can download the first 2 episodes of this conversion now.
IN PROGRESS: The Nether Regions
IN PROGRESS: Newbie Doom
This is a group of newbies, looking for more newbies. I'd be curious to see what they come up with.
Simple concept: you're a ninja, fighting ninjas.


An evil UAC from an alternate dimension invades Earth.
IN PROGRESS: Project 1
IN PROGRESS: Project Doom
This one's damn funky....
Since id has decided to release Doom's code, Project Doom is going to hack up the .exe to see what kind of cool new effects they can make possible.
The latest from Team TNT.
Yet another rift into a strange dimension has opened, so our hero can once again wade thru legions of monsters.
IN PROGRESS: Ren and Stimpy
D'eh, Ren, what you gonna do with that rocket launcher?
IN PROGRESS: Sailor Moon Doom
Hmmmm....sure, I've seen stranger things....
Unfortunately, this project is only up to version 0.3, only a few of the weapons have been replaced and a couple of the monsters. I hope the author makes a Total Conversion out of this one; it would just be too silly (not to mention lame!) having Sailor Moon toting around a shotgun or beating down a cyberdemon with her moonstaff : )
IN PROGRESS: Star Wars Doom
A mega-conversion to rival Jurassic Park or ID4! Blast aliens on the deserts of Tatooine, Jabba's barge, the Death Star and the forests of Endor.
Needless to say, this one's gonna be HUGE......

IN PROGRESS: Star Wars: Hostile Territory

Another much-anticipated Star Wars conversion.

IN PROGRESS: The Testosterone Project

Another all-Mac project, kind of like Realm of Chaos (of corse, Mac-made WADs will run on PC Doom).
IN PROGRESS: Twice Risen
In a T2-like plot, it's the 22nd century and the humans are at war with the hellspawn; you must travel back in time to stop the invasion.
32-level WAD made by the 32 best WAD authors of all time!
However, the page has been taken down and the project seems abandoned....


Based on the Zelda series from Nintendo (oh, c'mon, I couldn't make up stuff like this).
Preview available!


This project still doesn't have a name yet, but now there's some awesome screenshots: this one looks like it'll be a ton of fun, with some of the craziest weapons and effects I've seen in a TC yet.

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Wolfenstein 3D

Dark Forces

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