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Asuka's Page of Anime


Asuka's Page of Anime



You are now entering my little peace of heaven... 0 =) Uhm, well, what you'll find are a coupla piccy galleries filled with NGE (Neon Genesis Evangelion for you anime illiterates :p), Sakura Wars (or Sakura Taisen in Jap.), and Sentimental Graffiti...  oh yeah and I just added some Parasite Eve pics of Aya Brea ^^;; main purpose?  To get attention! Just kiddin'..  Well, I guess I do this for YOUR entertainment, so don't make my page a responsibility.. you know, when you all want me to update it 24-7 when I have other things to do in real life..  so don't bother me to the point where I'll go insane. :p Just kidding once more!  ANYWAYS, take a look and when I find some more pics to add, then I'll do it, don't e-mail me all day just to ask if I've got more.   I do, but when I feel like adding them, then I will.. like they say "Good things come to those who wait" :p Quote Adrianne...  Well that's what I have to say for now, enjoy my page and come back again.. oh my gawd, I sound like some Qwik-E Mart guy.. EWWW!!!...... heh heh..

Editor's Note: This page was created for entertainment purposes only and has no business connections to the following anime producers... blah, blah, blah.. The images used on this page are my property since I worked my butt off to make them look good, and I can't stand when people take pics without giving the pagemaker some damn credir so if you do decide to use my pictures on the net, then ask.. or I'll call u a moocher. :p Oh, another thing.. most of the Sakura Wars pics have been supplied by Adrianne and if you wanna visit her cool page, go to the Links section. By the way, I sing, er... I'm GONNA sing in her Radio Play, so blehhhh...singing as Sumire so check it out! That's it, see ya and remember to sign the guestbook as you leave. ^^



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Asuka's Page of Anime


Asuka's Page of Anime


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