Update Info

November 13; Made more changes to the Hall Pics

Some people have complained that the main page takes much longer to load since I have made the changes to it. I have a cable modem, so it is difficult for me to judge the access times of slower modems. Even so, I like the look of the new page, so just be patient and let it load. I think it's worth the wait :-)


February 28; Welcome Y2K survivors (I guess that's just about all of us!) I've added a new feature, The Gallery. I've only got Ginger up so far, but Jack and Eric are soon to follow. Stay tuned.

March 25; Added a couple of new pics to Ginger's Gallery.

March 26; Added Eric to the Gallery.

June 17; I've finally added Jack to The Gallery

Also added a photo to The Fillmore and Wheels Pics

July 13;
1) Minor addition to text in Days Gone Bye
2) Added a caption to one of Ginger's photos in the Gallery.(O.K.it's not a big deal, but it's an update)
3) Added three pics to Jack's Gallery
4) Added a photo to Eric's Gallery.
5) Enlarged the Smothers Brothers photo on the What a Bringdown page.

August 18; Added "Mean Jeans" to the Related Links page.

August 28; Flipped the Smothers Brothers photo on What a Bringdown page (so you don't have to hold it up to a mirror any more).
Added a photo to Days Gone Bye


Wow! What the hell happened to 2001 !

June 3; Phil Johnstone of Surrey, England, has recently sent me a great many pictures of Cream's Windsor debut. I have added them to the site, and have worked on the other Pics pages as well. More to come!


December 26; Within the past few weeks, I've added another page of Phil's photos from Windsor Windsor Pics,and I've slipped in a few photos from Madison Square Garden, MSG Pics
Sadly, I have also reprinted Tom Dowd's obituary,Tom Dowd


May 11; Made an update to Days Gone Bye to acknowledge to release of the Cream BBC recordings.

June 24; Changed picture onThe Fillmore.


January 25; Corrected some HTML mistakes. I should really check this stuff more often!

October; I've corrected a few more HTML errors, and added a few more photos. The most significant additions are a few screen shots from Cream's appearance on the Smothers Brothers Show. Smother's Pics


March 27; Added and rearranged some pictures. Yes, I'm still here!

May 22; My first major update in years! We've Been Waiting So Long

Dec 4; Added a few pics to Madison Square Garden.


February 13; I've just learned that the cover art of the Jack Bruce Biography on my Main Page was not being displayed on Netscape or Internet Explorer browsers!
It seems the image used a colour mode that was recognized by my Mac's Safari browser, but not Netscape or Explorer. The problem has now been solved. I would have fixed it long ago, had I only known!

March 27; I have reworked the Steppin' Out page to more accurately relate the events within their proper time frame.


February 5; I have been tinkering with the site, just to let you know I'm still here!

March 3; A major addition! On the Road to Dreams is a, sort of, pictorial essay of Cream's tours.


August 8; More tinkering, additions, subtractions and resized some photos.


September 5; Corrected a serious mistake! The jam with B.B. King was actually in September of '67
and not during the Disraeli Gears sessions!


November 1; A retrospective of Jack on the sad occasion of his death.