Swan Hotel

Following their recording session at Atlantic studio, the band returned home to play at various small venues.
One of these was at the Swan Hotel, in Birmingham.
Brian Ridge writes "I was a promoter in those days. Robert Stigwood was a good friend of mine, and asked me to play them at one of my venues, just to see the response! Well, we
sold out BIG time! I knew all the boys from the other bands they were in...The Manfreds, Bond and Mayall".

Cream played the Swan on the night of May 7, 1967, after having played a short set at the Empire Pool, Wembly, earlier in the day. They were contracted to play two forty five
minute sets, and were paid 275 for the night.
Brian was kind enough to share photos of this night with us!

SwanHotelEric Eric on stage, back in the days when "crowd control" meant
the crowd controlled itself !

Note that he is playing his Danelectro guitar!

Nice hat !

Swan Hotel


Ginger at work.

Above photos © Copyright 2005, Brian Ridge.

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