On the Road to Dreams

Ginger Baker

Jack Bruce     Eric Clapton

Friday, February 23, Cream begin their second North American tour at the Civic Auditorium in Santa Monica. (Photos; David Hiller).
Crossroads, a number Cream has not played live since the end of 1966, is reintroduced into their set on rare occasions.
It seems to have been a good choice, since their performance of that song at the Winterland on March 10 made it onto the Wheels of Fire album and became a huge hit!

Fillmore     Fillmore Jack


Early March, 1968, Cream shuttle back and forth between the Winterland and the Fillmore.
Above photos are from one of these shows. (Photos; Jim Marshall).



Two photos from one of the Winterland shows.

Phoenix      Phoenix

Phoenix      Toad

Star Theater, Phoenix, Sunday, March 17. ( Photos; Doug Hartley.)
Note that Eric sits behind his amp while Ginger plays his solo, even though he must have heard Toad many times by now!



Clowes Memorial Hall, Butler University, Indianapolis, Friday, March 22.


Hunter College, N.Y. on March 29. ( Photo; Jeffery Mayers.)

Hunter College            Eric at Hunter

Eric at Hunter College. ( Photos; Star File / VDL.)


Electric Factory

After a ten day break, Cream resume their tour with three dates in Philadelphia.
They play the Electric Factory Friday, April 19 through Sunday, the 21st.
(Photos; J. Paul Simeone)
Eric had bought a Gibson Firebird at Music City, in Philadelphia, and it would become his favourite guitar for the remainder of the tour.
(Jeff Aarons has informed me that Eric played his Fool painted Gibson SG on the19th, so the above photos are from April 20 or 21).

Art Kane     Art Kane

"The rails have carried off the trains".
During their stay in Philadelphia, Cream is photographed at Chadds Ford for a Life magazine pictorial.
The photos appeared in the June 28, 1968 issue of Life. ( Photos; Art Kane.)


View from the front row, Kiel Opera House, St. Louis, Sunday, April 28.


The Scene, Milwaukee, Saturday, May 4.


Cleveland Music Hall, Sunday, May 12. (Photo; George Shuba)


Convention Center, Anaheim, California, Saturday, May 18.
A planned concert at the Ice Palace in Las Vegas had been cancelled, which allowed for another show in Anaheim.
Two days later, Cream would tape the Smothers Brothers Show, which would air July 14.



Also from the Convention Center, Jack plays acoustic guitar during a performance of As You Said.
This may very well be the only time Cream ever performed the song live!


Eagles Auditorium

Eagles Auditorium

Eagles Auditorium, Seattle, Wednesday, May 29.
Photos ; Douglas Kent Hall

Massey Hall Eric     Massey Hall Jack

Backstage at Massey Hall, June 5.
The show, which had originally been scheduled for April 22, had been postponed.
Photos; Nash the Slash

Massey Hall


Onstage at Massey Hall, June 5.
( Above photo; John J. Pinto.)


A photo from Billboard magazine. The caption helpfully identifies Jack as being the one in the center, in order to avoid any confusion.



Detroit Detroit
June 7, 8 and 9, Cream played the Grande Ballroom in Detroit.
The shows had originally been scheduled for April.
( Photos; Thomas Weschler.)

J.B.Denver      E.C.Denver


Denver Coliseum, Sunday, October 6.

Detroit Eric Detroit Jack

Detroit Ginger

Saturday, October 12, Cream play the Olympia in Detroit.
Following the show, Eric ventures down Grand River Avenue and joins John Mayall for an encore at the Grande Ballroom.


Jack at the Olympia. ( Photo; Thomas Weschler.)



Chicago       Chicago


Cream play one afternoon show at the Coliseum in Chicago, Sunday, October 13.

Houston     Houston Jack

Houston Bruce

Three photos of Jack, Thursday, October 24, at Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, Texas.


The Spectrum, in Philadelphia, Friday, November 1.
Both Jack and Eric are of the opinion that this may well have been Cream's best show ever!


New York New York

Saturday, November 2, Cream play Madison Square Garden in New York.


Rhode Island Auditorium, Providence, Monday, November 4.
Cream's last American show!

Last show

Cream prepare to say goodbye at the Royal Albert Hall.


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El Mocambo,Toronto Massey Hall

Bob and Jack at Toronto's El Mocambo (1988) and Massey Hall (2002).

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