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Making Your Decision

If you are reading this website because you are pregnant and have been given a negative prenatal diagnosis, we have something we would like to tell you.

You may have family, doctors and friends pressuring you to "terminate" (abort) your baby. Many well-meaning people may say, "This will be easier on you; you don't need a handicapped child". It is very easy right now for you to give in to this kind of pressure.

The parents whose stories are on this website chose life for their babies, even when their babies had a hopeless prenatal diagnosis. They knew they could not live with an abortion on their consciences.

Studies have been done by Dr. David Reardon, Ph. D (author of "Aborted Women--Silent No More" and founder of the Elliot Institute for Post-Abortion Studies), which illustrate that while all abortion can create deep and long-lasting emotional distress in a woman, none affects a woman as badly as eugenic abortion (often called "therapeutic termination" or "elective termination").

Dr. Reardon, in his research, found that women who undergo eugenic abortions have the hardest time coping, even for many years after, because they know they are solely responsible for the deaths of their babies, and because they aborted babies that were wanted (as long as they were not defective). This carries with it an extra heavy emotional load, and takes a much greater toll on a woman than a so-called "convenience" abortion.

Many of these women go into deep denial, often lasting many years and even a whole lifetime. Often they may become very outspoken in support of abortion (as many other aborted women tend to do); but this is because they seek justification and validation of their fatal choice. And (as Dr. Reardon points out in his study), many of these women who abort for eugenic reasons become some of the most hostile and vicious when discussing the issue of abortion, and often carry a deep defensiveness about their decision.

Amazingly, many of them give evidence of their deep denial by refusing to admit they underwent abortions, insisting a "therapeutic termination" is not the same thing as an abortion! Sadly, this behavior is further evidence of their pitiful denial, which can last a lifetime if not properly dealt with in a counseling setting. This is a terrible emotional burden to carry, and this is on top of the already heavy grief of having lost their baby.

As well, studies have shown that divorce runs very high among couples where a baby was aborted for birth defects. One study reported maternal depression of 92% and paternal depression of 82%, plus a 30% incidence of marital separation and divorce after the abortion. (see Blumberg et al., "Psychiatric Sequelae of Abortion for Genetic Indication", American Journal OB/GYN, vol. 122, no. 7, August 1975, pp. 799-780).

If you carry your pregnancy to term, you will have the consolation of knowing that you personally did not do anything to end the life of your precious child. That is a gift that women who undergo eugenic abortions never have. Please think about it carefully; the choice you make can affect you emotionally for the rest of your life.

If you need help in making your decision, or if you have regrettably already chosen to end your child's life and are suffering grief and guilt because of it, you do not have to suffer alone. There is help available! Please visit the links below for compassionate and loving counseling and assistance.

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